Sunday, November 1, 2015

Fool and Die Religion!

Factory Faith Kills!
Faith Of and In King Jesus 
Stills The Storms 
The Seeking Heart Fills!

At the Religiosity Factory
Knowledge of The Truth is Proscribed
By Minds in The Hive
Of Him Who Wears The Light as Disguise.

In The Knowledge Vacuum
No one Designated as Faithful
Is Permitted to Know ... For Certain Sure
That Jesus Christ - The Door
Made Public - and Free - for Those Seeking The Peaceful Shore
Sacrifice Standard, Paid-in-Full
Lamb's Blood Level
Salvation Vouchers!

Salvation Is Free To Anyone Who Will Believe on The Glorious Name!

The Masters of The Unique Verse
Those Liars who After Sin Constantly Do Thirst
Grabbing Hold of The Lie
Lucifer Satan and Jesus Christ are Power-Reversed
Sell A Bill of False Goods to Those who would in Their Lives
Let The Working of The True Holy Spirit
 Reverse The Death Curse!

The Love of The Holy God is Denied
The Efficacy of The Death of Christ is Belied
The Need of Confession and Repentance is Circumscribed
The Fact of The Need to Accept God's Free Grace is - like shrimp - Butterflied
In order for Certain Damnation and Calculated Destruction
At The Appointed Time 
May Collide!

The Holy and
The Profane
The Rich and
The Poor
The Foolish and
The Wise
The Sinner and
The Saint
The Weak and
The Strong
All Need to Think Hard and Look Long for
Jesus Christ - The Conquering King - is Coming Down!

Trust God's Truth or
Trust Satan's Lie
Jesus Christ does not sell
Pie in The Sky
But Satan, Old Roaring Lion de Liar, Satan
Is Desirous that You with him Should Eternally Die!

So Get Out of The Religiosity Manufactured Bible Knowledge Factory
Repair to Jesus Christ
Who Died for Us on Mount Calvary!
No Truth or Dare Picking of Game Categories!
No Need to Use 
Nor Spies
To Know that God
Cannot Fail nor Tell Lies!

Reach Out
Call Out
To Jesus Christ
You will Ball Out
At Your Eternal Demise
When The King from Zion
Bursts The Skies
As All Heaven Rides
To Claim Christ's Faithful
Glorified Bride!

Don't be A Factory Faith Fool!

Get Out King James' Bible School Chapter Book
Map and Directory
Prayerfully Read 
John 3:16 and, indeed Verse 17
1 John Chapter 5
(Again Read Verses 11-13... Slowly)
Then ... Bow your head in Prayer
And Give God All Glory, Honor and Praise!