Thursday, November 19, 2015

Further To Turning Your Eyes Upon ... Jesus: KNOWING HIM!

For more years than I care to recall, I have Stated that I am no one's Favorite Child!

I have also long stated that I have no Expectation of an Inheritance from Anyone
That the Only Thing that my Grandmother gave to Me was My Faith in Jesus Christ!

I have also made it Abundantly Clear to anyone who will Listen that There is No Human who can Give Another Human...  FAITH!!

A.  I have never seen Jesus BUT I know Him... Intimately. How?

I had a client 30+ years ago,  whom I have never seen,  who became my dearest friend, and who became my son's God-parent.  How?

I gave birth to a child who did not "know" me but who,  as he grew,  no matter how late I got home,  which was very often 7-10 hours AFTER the regular close of business, or how tired he was,  or who else was around to take care of him,  would not rest or sleep,  until I reached home and he could hear, and smell me.  Why?

My son grew, went to preschool.  I started keeping more normal hours and whenever I reached home he was waiting,  all excited,  waiting for something!

I always had something to give him every single day without failure. How did he know? Why the Expectation?

And,  as he grew older, he never asked what did I get him. Why?

Where did The Faith come from?

I have been privileged to hear my son publicly say that I have never lied to him. Why?

I have been blessed to hear my son say that he can trust me to always tell him the Truth. Why?

What is there in the Communion of The Soul and The Savior, and Communication of Trust by Way of Faith through Trust that causes Faith?

What is The Tone Heard or Felt?

What is The Scent Fragranced?

Do we Love through our Noses?

Do we Trust through our Ears? (Faith Comes by Hearing!)

IS Faith on or in The Skin?

Why do Some have Faith and Others don't?

Who do Some Doubt and Others don't?

In My Personal Journey on The Road to Salvation,  I can say,  without fear of Contradiction, I have always felt Safe with Jesus.

I have walked,  often,  in my own Way BUT I have always felt Safer walking and talking with Jesus.

Somehow,  I always knew I had a Safe Haven in The Savior.

Everyday I knew I would receive something.  What? Don't know.  Can't tell.  But... Something!

Sometimes, especially in times of Waywardness and times of Deep Distress,  Lonesomeness and Quietness, and even Happiness I would Feel,  Sense,  even Become Aware of a Warm and Comforting Presence.

I would find myself Suddenly Smiling without External Input.

I would find myself stopping my current activity, and turning my head and Listening.

I have found My Self by Myself Answering ... Aloud ... The Unspoken Heard Question.

I have Chosen to Trust Who I can't See but Who I Know.

Jesus said: "ALL that The Father hath GIVEN to Me WILL COME TO ME...! "

Jesus IS The Rose of Sharon.

Who does not want to nose The Fragrance of The Graceful Rose,  and be Caressed by The Velvet of its Petals?

Who will not brace the Tear of The Rose's Thorns to be The Possessor of The Beauteous Bloom of The Heir... Loom?

Do we not Recognize Truth even when it Comes from an Unknown Source?

Why then, would we not Accept Truth and Love, and Love and Trust The Source of Our Creation who, Assuredly, left His Maker Mark in Every Soul?

Just like every cellphone has a Manufacturer Unlock Code, so do Humans.

There are those of us who, after three or six months of use, call The Phone Company. and request The Unlock Code BECAUSE we wish, at our own Say-so to Go to Another Wireless Service Provider IF The Current Provider does not Meet Our Needs.

Some of us just Want The Code because we can have it and can Jump Ship At Will.

Some of us Don't Care to Change, or Move, or Know how to Move. 


Having Been Turned On by The Originator IS Enough.

We will Stay The Distance by Faith.


Does not Jesus say: "My Sheep KNOW My VOICE!?"