Thursday, November 26, 2015

Giving Thanks! + Prayer: Thank You, Lord!

T rust The King of
H eaven
A lways and
N aturally
K eep
S in from
G rabbing Hold and Giving
I tself a
V ital
I nside Track Toward
N egating Your Blessed
G oal of Gaining God's Glory!

I am Thankful Today
God Gave Me a Way
To have My Death Sentence
To Eternal Life
In God's Paradise
By My Acceptance of
Jesus' Gift of Soul Salvation
Wrapped in Enveloping Grace
Tied with Merciful Cords
Stamped with Everlasting Love
Security-Sealed by The Holy Spirit and
Guarded by The Angelic Host
Who Mark The Steps of The Faithful!

I am Thankful to Know that
God's Love is not Show
But Substantial Enough to
Keep Me Safe
Satisfied and
My Spirit Saintly Serene
Never Living in Lack
Nevermore to Sin Willfully Turning Back
Nor letting Satan have Dominion Over Me when he Attacks!

I am The King"s Pet
My Salvation is Set and
My Maker is Leading The Way!
By Grace I Will Stand
On Heavens Table Land
And I shall Sing
Gratefully Sing
In Zion's Over-comers and Redeemed Ones Band!

Thank You, Lord
For Your Blessings Today!
Thank You, Lord
For Paying and Paving My Way!
Thank You, Lord
For Jesus Christ
The Answer Always!
Thank You, Lord!
Thank You, Lord!
Thank You!