Wednesday, November 4, 2015

God Is As An Umbrella!

God Is As An Umbrella!
Tell Me If You Can See
Cloth - Spread Over
Spokes - Holding It Up and Out
Handle - To Hold!
Mechanism - To Activate Umbrella - To Cause It To Work!

The Closed Umbrella
A Support Walking-Stick Makes
An Accent On The Smooth Path
To Lean On As We Reach The Elevated Path!

In Rain and In Snow
The Umbrella Is A Covering For Sure
But Unopened - Not Useful
A Burden For Sure!

In Sunshine
The Umbrella Is A Welcome Sunshade
A Comfort - One Is Well Blessed - with
The Benefits of The Sun
Without The Burning Skin and Frown I Confidently Suggest!

But ...

A Broken Umbrella Is
An Embarrassment To Use
Ripped, Unanchored Covering
Bent Spokes
Mangled Mechanism
Broken Handle - "Please Cast That Junk Out The Door!"

Take  A Good Look At Your Umbrella
Look At What Usually Breaks First:

The Stitching - Daily Prayer
The Spokes Bend Break - The Holy Spirit Get  Disconnected By Winds of Strife Through       Unsound Sewing
Handle Breaks - No Support In The Word


The Mechanism - To Operate The Metaphorical God - Works!

Actual Prayer Still Works!

Problem Is ... We Don't Repair To Pray!

In The Time of Your Storm
Hold to Jesus' Hand
Under The Covering of The Father
Held Up By The Spirit Power
Activated By That Mechanism
Known To All Believers as
Which is Great for Your Protection
You Pray Every Day!

Do You Have An Umbrella?
Who OR What Is Your Umbrella?
How Is Your Umbrella Working Out For You?
Would You Share Your Umbrella?

Or, Maybe, Perhaps, Just Possibly ...

Is Your Umbrella In Pristine Never-used Condition

Operating As a Dust Catcher 
Prized Souvenir 
A Dead Talisman?

An Unused Umbrella Is A Waste
It Just Takes Up Valuable Real-estate Space
You Prop It Up - It Lays Right Down
You Lay It Down - You Fall Over It ... And You Frown
This Is The Fact! There Is No Getting Around!

A Working Umbrella Is A Grace
Providing Shelter 
Whatever The Season Or The Place
It May Be Worn But In Good Repair
You Never Have To Say:
"I Wish I Had My Umbrella Today!"
Because It Is Upon You
Ready To Work ... When You Say:
"Weather's About!"
 I'll Get The Old Umbrella Out!"


If You Keep God With You
You Will Always Have Access To Him
If You Are In Constant Prayer
Your Muscle Of Request Is In Good Repair
You Never Have To Worry
You Never Have To Fear
Trust God - He Delivers
So, Please, Be Constant With Your Prayers!