Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Jesus Christ IS Our Perfection!

Some Parents Give Up Some Things of Life
So that their Children may Be Something in Life!

Some Parents Give Up their Lives
So that One Child might Survive!

Some Parents Barter their Lives
So that their Children may have Things!

Some Parents Sacrifice Everything in Life
So that One Child may Succeed!

Some Parents Sacrifice their Children on The Altar of Personal Success!

Some Parents Sacrifice Health to Raise their Children!

Some Parents Are ... Some Parents!

Some Parents are Parents
Some Parents are Not
Some Parents Make Some Parents
Their Babies could be Bought!

Jesus Loves His Children
For Them He was Callously Sold
For 30 Pieces of Silver
Not even Good and Precious Gold!

Jesus' Life was made Forfeit
They Took It But He Gave It Away
So that Not one Faithful Child
Would For His Own Sin
Have to Eternally Pay
From Heaven Be Turned Away!

Jesus Christ Gave Up His Life
On The Altar of Sacrifice for Sin
So that All who Would Be His Children
Would have His Eternal Life of Everlasting Things!

Bought and Paid For - Sacrificed
Jesus IS Living Still and
The King
Captain and
Commander, and
Righteous Ruler of Everything!

So The Point of This Here Missive 
Earthy Parents are - In Everything - Flawed
Jesus Christ Isn't for 
He's is Our Perfection
Our Loving and Almighty God!

** Trust in God! **

Jesus Died
Sacrificing His All
Give Us All
All of His Good 
Truly Perfect Things!

He Is Coming For Me 
He Is Coming For You!