Monday, November 23, 2015

Jesus Means It!

Jesus says He loved Me
He Means it!
Jesus went to The Cruel Cross
The Sin Nails made sure He Felt it!
Jesus Paid My Price
He couldn't Help it!
Jesus' Death gives Me His Life
I don't Deserve It!

Jesus Called Me
I Answered!
Jesus Speaks to Me
I will Listen!
Jesus' Blood Washes Clean - I Bathed this Morning!
He'll Give Me The Returning King's Clean Clothes for My Adorning
At The Start of Eternity
Come The Great Judgment Morning!

Jesus Loves Me - It is No Show
Preparations in Heaven
Prove that That is So
I'll have a New Home
On The Golden Way
And neither Sin,  Death nor Hell
By Jesus' Faith
Will Stop Me from
Living Over There!

Love Made It Clear
Jesus Died to Prepare The Way
I will be Faithful, and
Mercy, Grace, Love and Hope
Will Carry Me Safely Over There!

I Confess - I Sin
But ...
He is Faithful
He is Just
He Forgives,  and
He will Cleanse, and
I am Sure
My Unrighteousness will be Sloughed Away as Dust!

Jesus Love Me
And He Loves You, Too
Don't Let Anyone
Cause You to Doubt That Truth
Walk - But Not By Your Eyes
Trust Jesus - He IS True
Loving and Faithful
He Will Take Care of You!