Thursday, November 5, 2015

PRAYER: Bless and Keep Us, Lord

Lord, I say this Honest Prayer
Because of Family and Friends
About Whom I Care
If Granting them Riches would make Them You Forget
I Sincerely Pray that Their Pockets be Always Out to Let!
If Fame and Power will Cause Them to be Lost
I Sincerely Pray for a Good Job for Them, and a Saintly Boss!

Father, I Do Not Myself Forget
Keep Me with Just Enough
So that I Always Know from Whose Hand I Get My Stuff!
Never, Ever Let Me Forget Who for Me Died on The Cruel Cross
For, Lord, I do not Desire that My Soul Should At The End Be Lost.

Have Mercy, Lord, and Bless Your People
Each According as The Need for Today May Be
Enough for Self and
Enough to Share with Another!
Bless and Keep us, Lord
Grant Sweet Peace in The Night
Carry Us Safe Through The Fight
For You ARE Our God, and
We Have No Need For Another.