Tuesday, November 3, 2015

WHOREDOM: Jesus Saves!

"Marry me!

Marry Me!

You don't have to Give me anything!

I just want to Bear Your Name!

You are Important, Famous, Wealthy, Appealing, Knowledgeable, Knowing, and Mighty Enough To Save Me!

I have Money of my own - I can buy my own Food!

Yes, I have money all my own - I can Purchase my own Clothes!

All  that I Desire of You, is Your Name! No more, no less. Just let me Bear Your Name so that The Goode People can't Call me The Whole Whore any more! Please Take The Shame Out of my Face!"

So said Sephorada to Shiloh.

What had brought on this Outrageously Emotional - and Publicly Demeaning - Display?

Why is Sephorada begging Shiloh to Marry her when Everybody Knows that they are in a Committed Relationship?

Hmmm ...

Previously ...

Sephorada and Shiloh were in Love with each other.

They were Made for each other, and Everybody spoke of how well The Relationship was going and how good they Looked together, and how sure they were that their future Marriage would be Prosperous, and Fruitful in the Multiplying!

Everybody Believed that in The Fullness of Time, Sephorada and Shiloh would Declare their intentions, and that The Decree of Commitment would go forth to all The People publicly declaring that they were Joined for Eternity.

Strange, how you think you know people and The Truth Is A Disappointment.

Shiloh is The Absolute Kindest, Friendliest, Most Honest, Nicest, Blessingest Person you will ever meet this side of Eternity.

He Walks and Talks like he Knows The Living God ... up Close and Personally!

Shiloh is Polite, soft-spoken, helpful, caring, motivated - The Perennial Provider, and He Loves Sephorada - as he, Himself, says - Eternally!

Sephorada, on the other hand, is Everything you would expect from a Volatile, Wild Child, and Loving Lady with Champagne Tastes and Surviving - Allegedly - on a Mauby Budget, after having been Born and Raised, and is Living on The Other Side of the Goode Tract!

If Truth is told, Everybody with a Working Conscience will Honestly tell you that Sephorada is a Light Skirt! At least she was until Shiloh picked her Literally off the Street and publicly Claimed her for His Very Own!

He Placed His Love on Public Display! All he asked of Sephorada was Fidelity, and Life was Great ... for a while.

Well, as Ladine Fate would tell it, Sephorada was Batting Left and Bowling Right! Sometimes, it is said that she is an All-rounder! And Shiloh - who seemed to be everywhere at given anytime - Knew about it, and did not seem to let her "Past" stop him from Loving her Endlessly!

Shiloh kept on Showing Sephorada what True Love Looks Like!

As He, himself, said: "True Love Is Not Blind!"

Sephorada was also hanging out in Idol Groves, a place Noted for its Promulgation of Choice Gods, and Gay Abandon!

Shiloh had asked Sephorada to put her Past in The Past, and to Turn Away from That Life, and to Commit To Him and His Ways for he could Make Her Whole - she had said "Yes!"

Shiloh has High Ideals and Maintains High Standards of Excellence, and I guess that you know that Shiloh is not going to Play Pretty Push-over just to have Sephorada!

I also guess that you Know that There Is Trouble in The Land, and The Goode People were talking about Sephorada and calling her "That Harlot!" and "Ungodly," and saying that she really needed The Shepherd, and that if she did not Turn Away from her Love of The Mall at Fleeting Things she was going to get herself Officially Branded as one of The Apostate and Lost Souls!

For Your Information ...

Sephorada was a Seriously Bad Influence for many of The Unmarrieds and, Suprisingly, quite a few of The Members of The Faithful Few were Dancing and Cavorting and Worshiping with their Supposed Opposites at Loose Lips and Heart Slips! 

It soon became Apparent that Sephorada was on The Payroll of That Notorious Break-Down Merchant, Natas Nam, himself!

After that Episode of Begging, Pleading, and Beseeching, and Shiloh's Summary Rejection of her Insulting Offer to Bear His Name to Hide Her Shame, Sephorada's Life got Ugly, Really, Really Ugly, Really, Really Fast!

Anyway, I will not Bore you with The Terrible Details of what Finally Caused Sephorada to "Come To!"

I will ask you to Remember these Statements, though: 

  • You Carry Your Own Pigs To Fine Market
  • Hide and Buy Land Can't Hide and Reap Land
  • What Goes Around Comes Around
  • Planters of Indian Corn Don't Reap Guinea Corn
  • Who Help You Buy a Big Belly Horse Won't Help You To Feed It
  • Today For Me - Tomorrow For You
  • Know What You Grow, and
  • Out of Darkness Into Light

What I will also Tell you is that Throughout Sephorada's Constant Backsliding and Re-connection and Re-commitment, Shiloh Stood Up and Pleaded ... and Pleaded ... and Pleaded ... His Eternal Love for His Beloved. He Watched Over her, all the while Permitting her Space to make her Own Decision to walk wholly with him, and in Faith!

Shiloh never once Tried to Force Sephorada to Come Over to His Way of Thinking.

Shiloh Never Gave Up on Sephorada, and he Remained Ever Faithful.

As for Sephorada, until she Acknowledged that Life Without Shiloh was Life in The Pits, she Bought, and Paid For, and Ate The Very Bread That The Devil Kneaded, and she Wears those Scars to This Day!

Nevertheless, when she Finally Confessed, and Truly Repented to Shiloh for her Profligate Lifestyle, and Turned Away from The Past, he Willingly Embraced her, and he Gave her an Eternal Supply of Beauty For Ashes Parfum. 

It was a Beautiful Reunion!

However, those who Saw The Evidence of The Real Change in Sephorada, and Chose to Ignore it, and Continued Down The Broad Way, The Judgment Seat of The Ancient of Days Awaits.

Every Man Must Make His Own Decision
Eternal Life
Eternal Separation from God!

Please Take Heed Of The Gospel Warning
Accept The Truth and
Don't Swallow The Lie
Every Man For Himself
Makes His Own Decision 
To Live 
To Die!


Will Not 
Save YOU 


Jesus Christ
 - The Savior & Our Redeemer - 
Gets The Sin Out!