Monday, November 30, 2015

A New Song To Sing!!



Accept My Worship, Lord!
Oh, May It Bless You, Lord
Even As It Brings Pleasure
Unto This Longing Soul
Which I Pray
To You, Lord

My Heart Gladly Sings

The Song of Life
Forever Free
From Death, Hell and Sin 
Sorrow, and Grief and
Its Dread

I Need You,  Lord!
Restore, Restore!
Grant Me New Life
Upon Your Golden Shore
Where All Is Bliss

You Are The Light!

The Open Door!
Oh, Let Me Sing
Upon The Shore
Where Mercy Free
Is Calling Me
To Rest 
At Home 
So Peacefully
Oh, Lord
With Thee

I Love You, Lord!
Restore! Restore!
Grant Me New Life
Upon Your Golden Shore
Where The Faithful Are Blessed

Sunday, November 29, 2015

TELL YOUR OWN STORY: Life Is A Journey On A Path

With The Following Words
That I here Quote
Is a Story that Every Christian Can Write
I Ask You Fair
To Note Well and Repair
To Your Thinking Closet
And That Story Prepare!

Your Story
My Story
Her Story
His Story
Will Speak A Word of Caution
To A Traveler Who
Is Stumbling
Maybe Losing a Shoe
And Who Would Be Blessed
By Something
From Someone
Who Knows of Life
A Thing or Two!

The Yesterday Story
Is of Life E'er Past
Pointing to The Life
For Which The Dye Is Now Cast
It can Tell of Past Errors
And Corrections True
And Point to The
Things You Now Hold Close To Easily View!

To Learn a Skill or Lesson
Teach what You Know to Someone Else
Your Knowledge Gains Traction
And Saves Someone False Action
If that Person
Will be a Student True
Willing to Learn from Experience
Without Having to Personally Experience, too!

Story Long
Story Short
Fraught with Danger 
Full of Error
Even Stark Terror
A Best Seller Is Not What's Sought
Just a Story Of A Battle Win After Having Fought!

A Pilgrim's Progress
A Wayfarer's Song
Stranger Danger Message
Horror Story
Mashup of Sin and Song
All are Worthy Writings
No Need for Pretty - Just Truth
Give God Some Glory
Save A Brother Sister's Youth
Sing The Song of Zion
As You Hold Yourself from The World Aloof!

Teach - Don't Preach
Save Another
From  Sinning
Save That Soul from The Life of Sin
Give Your Light The Shining,  and
At The Revealing
Jesus Christ's Love Will You Be Rewarding!


  • Been There
  • Done That
  • Seen It All
  • Done It All
  • Know It All
  • Had It All
  • Lost It All
  • On The Ball
  • Got The Scars
  • Got The Tee-Shirt
  • Follow Fashion
  • Petty
  • Pushy
  • Pragmatic
  • Practice
  • Practical
  • Justice
  • Right
  • Wrong
  • Wish
  • Wash
  • Washup
  • Washout
  • Warn
  • Promise
  • Pride
  • Hope
  • Help
  • Healing
  • Faith
  • Fancy
  • Fantasy
  • Gotcha
  • Gimme
  • Greed
  • Gloating
  • Searching
  • Finding
  • Doubting
  • Funning
  • Running
  • Lost
  • Found
  • Hate
  • Escape
  • Need
  • Want
  • Wasteful
  • Binding
  • Bounding
  • Bracing
  • Bloat
  • Blasting
  • Gloating
  • Gas
  • Fast
  • Last
  • Lost
  • Gospel
  • Truth
  • Trust
  • Tarnish
  • Temper
  • Temperance
  • Temptation
  • Test
  • Tasty
  • Testy
  • Testing
  • Tuck
  • Tickle
  • Tarnish
  • Tissue
  • Issue
  • Toss
  • Think
  • Thank
  • Live
  • Love
  • Learn
  • Laugh
  • Lie
  • Lead
  • Lust
  • Fuss
  • Future
  • Forward
  • Asleep
  • Awake
  • Wonder
  • Wander
  • God
  • Jesus
  • Spirit
  • Spoil
  • Soil
  • See
  • Send
  • Sound
  • Search
  • Settle
  • Stomach
  • Heart
  • Head
  • Hands
  • Feet
  • Ears
  • Eyes
  • Skin
  • Sin
  • Sorry
  • Forget
  • Remembrance
  • Deceit
  • Distrust
  • Dismay
  • Descend
  • Docile
  • Domicile
  • Dingy
  • Dirty
  • Dusty
  • Dormant
  • Dance
  • Distaste
  • Disgrace
  • Mercy
  • Maintain
  • Menace
  • Mountain
  • Molehill
  • Moss
  • Meat
  • Mile
  • Worry
  • Drive
  • Drink
  • Brink
  • Brace
  • Bribe
  • Grace
  • Guide
  • Guilt
  • Guile
  • Glory
  • Glance
  • Mercy
  • Merry
  • Manners
  • Mile
  • Mild
  • Mix
  • Munch
  • Mince
  • Muddy
  • Will
  • Wily
  • Willful
  • Walk
  • Talk
  • Beauty
  • Bound
  • Back
  • Bring
  • Brim
  • Brine
  • Bother
  • Fodder
  • Build
  • Guild
  • Repeat
  • Reception
  • Deception
  • Conception
  • Rejection
  • Eject
  • Select
  • Elect
  • Home
  • Hope
  • Help
  • Hell
  • Hunger
  • Brink
  • Drink
  • Sink
  • Think
  • Heaven
  • Seven
  • One
  • Two
  • Three
  • Ever
  • Never
  • Pay
  • Pray
  • Prayer
  • Pride
  • Deride
  • Provide
  • Confide
  • Betide
  • Wish
  • Dish
  • Fish
  • Frame
  • Fan
  • Fought
  • Sought

This IS Every Man's Story
I've Provided The Words
So Craft Your Story
Using Many or A Few and
Let Your Voice Be Heard
The Way is Hard
The Road is Long
But with God's Help
And Faith as Food
We will Sing The Zion Song
For Christ's Sacrifice for Us is
Appreciated and 

Choose Your Words
Write a Page or Paragraph
Share Here There and Everywhere
Life Is A Journey 
On An Oft' Circuitous Path
From Truth to Beauty and Even
Walking Through Hell 
With Jesus Christ As Our Captain
Satan Can't Us Subtly Fell!

Write and Sing Your Own Song of Salvation
As We Await The Elevation!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

VESPERS AT THE END OF THE SABBATH: Tares Amongst Wheat + PRAYER: Help Us To Look Up!

Pretty Tares and
Tearful Wheat are Growing
Side by Side
Christians Are Not The Reapers for
Jesus Christ Hasn't Given Us Permission to Act That Way!

Petty Tares and
Praying Wheat
Look Alike Until The Moment of
The Change!
Until Then
Any Hint of Separation
Will Destroy Both and
In The Master's Barns
There'll Be No Grain!

But ... The Lord
In His Great Grace
In The Land Called Provision
Did Something Wonderful for You and Me
Whether Wasting Tares or
Waiting Wheat!
He Feeds US All
As is Good and Mete!

And ... At 
The Change of Acceptance
Of The Truth That Is Light
At The Rain of Perfection
Which Falls Day and Night
At The Becoming
Of What Jesus True
Created Us Truly To Be
Our Heads Display The Bunches of Goodness
We Have Been By Truth Fed!

In The Distance
IS The Owner of The Barn
Bringing His Sickle
Sharp to
Cut Clean and Deep!
His Reapers
Separate Out
The Wrong Tares from
The Right Wheat
With The Wrong Tares
Sent for The Burning and
The Right Wheat to Be Good Eats!

God IS Not Going to Eat You!
It is Metaphorical I Say!
You Will Become Something Grand
In The Great Harvest Day!
The Change Will Be In An Instant
Robes of State Will Appear
Crowns of Glory Distributed
All Will Be Satisfied With The Pay!

So, Dear Ones
Let Me Encourage You
Look To At Jesus - Not Your Lot!
Earthly Discomfort IS Temporary
Living With Jesus IS Not!

Living Amongst Tares May Make You Tearful!
Not Being A Tare Will Make You Tear-up A Lot
But ... Bear Your Burden
Jesus Christ IS Coming
He Will Wipe Away ALL Tears
From Those Eyes
Who With Him
Cast Their Eternal Lot!!

Have Faith!
Hold Hope!
We Will Have Heaven
We Digest The Gospel Leaven!!


I pray Father
For Your Children
Who Must Grow Up With Hell's Tares!
Oh, Father, Even Though Our Eyes Weep
Help Us To Stand Firm and
Not Give Up On Eternity
Even As The Contamination of Hate Is Burning Our Feet!
Help Us To Not Look Down At Our Condition
But To Look Up 
To See Heaven's Promise and 
Hold Its' Provision!
Help Us, Even If 
- God Forbid - 
On Legless Bodies 
With Blinded Eyes
To Maintain A Death-Grip on Our Jesus for
Father, We Desire To Complete Our Journey Home!
Grant Us Your Grace
Envelop Us With Your Peace
To Continue On By Jesus' Faith
To Gain The Eternal Victory!
In Jesus' Holy Name I Plead
Have Mercy and Bless!

Friday, November 27, 2015

HAPPY SABBATH + OPTIONS: Gross Ingratitude! + PRAYER: Father, Grant Me Enough

Think About This:

I don't Have The Extra Cash
To Purchase The Extra Clothing that I Don't Need!
I don't Have The Extra Cash
To Buy that Nice Pair of Shoes
That do My Eyes so Please
Because of The Shortfall
In The Extra
I Feel Like
My World is Falling Apart!

Father, Help me,  please!

I Listened to My Self 
Bemoaning My Lack
My Worldly Shortfall and 
Wondered at The Gross Ingratitude
Of Us Children of The Fall!

I Decided to Catalog My Benefits
I Decided to Deal in The Facts
To Seek 
To Know 
All of My Needs Lacking
And Have a Father Child Meeting 
The Lord!


Food - Abundance 
Shelter - Adequate
Clothing - Necessary

Family - Good
Friends - Faithful
Work - Fulfilling

Water - Clean
Bed - Comfortable
Book - The Word True


Lime Juice
Lemon Juice
Nuts - Various
Dried Fruit
Fresh Fruit
Real Essence
Veggies - Fresh, Canned, Frozen
Meat Mock or Real
Fish Imitation or Scaled
And, More ...!

HMMM ...


I can Freely Cook a 
"Whatever I Want to Eat Meal" meal!

I can Freely Bake an
"I Feel Like Cake" cake!

I can Freely Prepare an 
"I Feel Like  Drinking a Hot Cold Beverage" beverage!


I Do Not Have To Beg nor Plead and Pray For Them!


I've Got Options
One,  Two and Three!
I may Eat and Sleep
At Leisure
Not Sharing My Bed with Woolly Sheep!

I can Buy Myself a Candy
Of My Choosing
Whether I Eat it or Not, and 
If My Nose Starts Running
I have Tissues to wipe away the snot!

I am Not Forced to Contend with The Elements
Natural or
Man-made, and
I Say My Prayers Whenever I Want to, and 
I'm Not Afraid of Being Sold as a Sex Slave!

I can Fellowship with Whomever I Want to!
I can Call a Brother or a Sister
To Ask For or Say Prayers!
I can Sleep Late
Rise Early
Walk,  Run
Have Fun - if I Feel like it, and 
I don't Need Courage as Found in a Pill or Bottle of Rum!

I've Got Options!
I've Got a Craft!
I Can Make a Warm Gift for Some-Anybody!

I've Got Skill in My Hands
Sight in My Eyes
Ears that Hear
I can Talk
Because Jesus Created Me
He Saved Me
Dying on The Accursed Tree!

My Options are Open but 
I think I will them Close
And Learn Gratitude to God
IS Good and Even Great, and
Appreciate Appreciate!

Extra Cash would be Great, too
But, Know What?
I'd be a Regulation Fool
If I don't Give God Thanks
For Giving Me
Much, and More!

So ...

I Give You Thanks
Look to The Day
When We Will Walk Together 
On The Banks
Of The River
Needing Wanting and Thinking Extra
Have No Bearing Body nor Rank!

Grant Me Enough 
For My Self, and Another
This, Father, I Pray!
Let Me Be Contented
With Whatever I've got
Help Me to Never Ever
Look Back
Lose All
Like The Wife of Lot!
I Love You, Lord!
You Are My All and All!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Giving Thanks! + Prayer: Thank You, Lord!

T rust The King of
H eaven
A lways and
N aturally
K eep
S in from
G rabbing Hold and Giving
I tself a
V ital
I nside Track Toward
N egating Your Blessed
G oal of Gaining God's Glory!

I am Thankful Today
God Gave Me a Way
To have My Death Sentence
To Eternal Life
In God's Paradise
By My Acceptance of
Jesus' Gift of Soul Salvation
Wrapped in Enveloping Grace
Tied with Merciful Cords
Stamped with Everlasting Love
Security-Sealed by The Holy Spirit and
Guarded by The Angelic Host
Who Mark The Steps of The Faithful!

I am Thankful to Know that
God's Love is not Show
But Substantial Enough to
Keep Me Safe
Satisfied and
My Spirit Saintly Serene
Never Living in Lack
Nevermore to Sin Willfully Turning Back
Nor letting Satan have Dominion Over Me when he Attacks!

I am The King"s Pet
My Salvation is Set and
My Maker is Leading The Way!
By Grace I Will Stand
On Heavens Table Land
And I shall Sing
Gratefully Sing
In Zion's Over-comers and Redeemed Ones Band!

Thank You, Lord
For Your Blessings Today!
Thank You, Lord
For Paying and Paving My Way!
Thank You, Lord
For Jesus Christ
The Answer Always!
Thank You, Lord!
Thank You, Lord!
Thank You!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Jesus Christ IS Our Perfection!

Some Parents Give Up Some Things of Life
So that their Children may Be Something in Life!

Some Parents Give Up their Lives
So that One Child might Survive!

Some Parents Barter their Lives
So that their Children may have Things!

Some Parents Sacrifice Everything in Life
So that One Child may Succeed!

Some Parents Sacrifice their Children on The Altar of Personal Success!

Some Parents Sacrifice Health to Raise their Children!

Some Parents Are ... Some Parents!

Some Parents are Parents
Some Parents are Not
Some Parents Make Some Parents
Their Babies could be Bought!

Jesus Loves His Children
For Them He was Callously Sold
For 30 Pieces of Silver
Not even Good and Precious Gold!

Jesus' Life was made Forfeit
They Took It But He Gave It Away
So that Not one Faithful Child
Would For His Own Sin
Have to Eternally Pay
From Heaven Be Turned Away!

Jesus Christ Gave Up His Life
On The Altar of Sacrifice for Sin
So that All who Would Be His Children
Would have His Eternal Life of Everlasting Things!

Bought and Paid For - Sacrificed
Jesus IS Living Still and
The King
Captain and
Commander, and
Righteous Ruler of Everything!

So The Point of This Here Missive 
Earthy Parents are - In Everything - Flawed
Jesus Christ Isn't for 
He's is Our Perfection
Our Loving and Almighty God!

** Trust in God! **

Jesus Died
Sacrificing His All
Give Us All
All of His Good 
Truly Perfect Things!

He Is Coming For Me 
He Is Coming For You!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Feint Faint Praise!!

"I ain't waiting for no man to Praise Me!
I Trumpeting Myself!
I know that I am Good and Praise-Worthy, and
God got Me to help He with the Big Elf!"

"I don't Sin!
I Gave Up The World Things!
My Tongue is The Bible!
My Words are Wisdom Made of Precious Pearls - Gospel!
My Walk is Sure and Unerring -  direct to Zion!
My Robe is Reserved, and
I even got Myself My Own Church of The Bridegroom!"

"IS that right?!"

"Aren't All Men Liars?
Aren't The Thoughts of The Heart Deceitful Always?
Doesn't The Bible Say That any Man that Says he doesn't Commit Sin
Makes God a Liar?!"

"Well, that was meant for "Those Other people"
I have Set Aside The Things of The Flesh!
I haven't Committed a Sin in Known nor Recent Memory
And I Daily at Myself in The Mirror look in!"

"I am Perfect!
I'm Perfection Personified and
Personable and
Pleasing to Pass By!
I'm Proud to be a Peculiar Person
Practicing Peace, and
With Particular Pleasure
Putting Pride and
Patience in a Pin Vise -
I am a Bright Star - no Dew on My Fleece!"

"Jesus and Me are Partners
Bosom Buds!
I get Visions and Revelations, and
I does Prophesy and Divine Things for The Peoples (for a lil' something, of course!)
Jesus know me up Close and Personal!
I have an Inside Track, and
We fit like Hand and Glove!"

Doesn't The Bible Talk about False Prophets
And Lying Divinations?

"I used to be an Active Sinner
I now wear with Pride My "New Man!"
Jesus knows that He can Depend on Me and
I's He Second Man!

I a'int like that Paul
Doing what he
Ain't want to, and
Not doing what 'e should!

I don't Operate like People like You
Jealous and Envious of The Gift!
I does hear The Spirits talking
I stand Tall ... Unshakable
Like a strong Mountain Range, and
There Is No Way that I could ever Fall!"

Which "Spirits" do you hear?
I hope not the "Familiar Spirits!?

"I got Big Faith
Not nae-nae Faith like Some People
Fussy about them Mustards, uhm, seeds!
I got it going on
From Dusk until Dark
From Dark until Dawn!
I got This!
Look at Me
I Near to like God!"

What is Wrong 
This-Here Story
Which is Grating 
The Last Nerve 
Decidedly in The Wrong Way?!

Put On Your Thinking Cap

Fill In The Gaps


Give This Person a Good Bible-Verse Slap!

Name That Sin!