Sunday, February 21, 2016

FAITH & BELIEF: Gods, Gods, Everywhere?!?!

The Conversation Was Pleasant!
The Participants 
- From Various Countries, Ethnicities and Belief Systems -  
Had All Been Respectful and Polite
When,  Suddenly - Out of Left Field -
One Determined Voice
Voiced That Statement-Question Sure To Start "The Nasty Fight!"

I Don't Believe In God!

AND ...

The Flood Gates Opened!

I Can't Prove That There Is OR Isn't A God!

Nature Is God!

Man Is God!

God Is An Absentee Landlord!
He Made Us and Left Us To Destroy Ourselves!

Satan Is God!

Exclamations of Horror Were Heard,  When ...

A Bold Heavy Lyrical Voice said:

Satan and God Are Equally God!

There Followed Consternation ...

Then ...

In Our Family We Have Several Gods 
But One Is More Important Than All The Others!

Who Decided Which God IS More Important Than All The Others?

Another Voice Stated:

We Worship The Sun, and  The Moon, and The Stars in Their Courses!

The Multiplicity of Gods Is Mind-Boggling!

Wood Gods
Stone Gods
Silver Gods
Golden Gods
Bronze Gods
Clay Gods
Rich Gods
Poor Gods
Tree Gods
Sex Gods
Money Gods
Fertility Gods
Animal Gods
Bird Gods
Reptile Gods
River Gods
Sea Gods
Lake Gods
Air Gods
Fire Gods
Wind Gods
Storm Gods
Peace Gods
War Gods
Evil Gods
Malicious Gods
Gods On Top of Gods and ... More Gods!

There Was A Lull In The Discussion When Timon Called My Name and Said:

We Have Not Heard A Word From You!

And Asked:

How Many Gods Do YOU Have?

I Quietly Replied:

I Have, and Believe In, One God!

Ino Pointed At Me And Said:

You Must Be Very Poor Indeed To Only Have One God!

Everybody Laughed Uproariously!

I Felt Energized And I Stood Up 
And Uttered A Silent Prayer And Began ...

In Your World View I Appear God-Poor BUT

I Believe In The One True Living Holy Eternal God
Who Made The Heavens And This Planet
And Everything On It And In It,
And Everyone Of You, And Me,  Too!

I Cannot See My God!
I Cannot Make The Almighty God!
I Cannot Elevate Nor Denigrate My God!

I Cannot Place My God On A Shelf!

I Cannot Conceive Of The Face Of My God
So I Cannot Make A Statue Or Painting of Him To Venerate
For He Calls That Idolatry
He Deems Such A Sin!

His Holy Word Clearly Says That The
World Cannot Contain Him



He IS A Consuming Fire
He IS A Spirit
He IS Jealous For The Worship That Belongs Solely To Him


He Says That I Must Worship Him In Spirit
In Truth!

My God Is Holy


My God Is My Shepherd
My Savior
My Redeemer
My Provider
My Sustainer!

He IS Love!
He IS Life!
He IS Light!
He IS The Way
He IS Truth!

He IS My Companion
We Have A Relationship
He IS My Friend
Until My Life Shall End!

He Gives Me His Peace!
He Gives Me His Rest


He Provides Healing When My Spirit and My Body Are Tried!

When I Sin Against His Holy Name
He Restores My Soul
After I Confess
Of That Sin!


My God Has Given Me Of His Holy Spirit
To Dwell Within My Heart
To Comfort Me
To Teach Me!

My God's Holy Spirit Also Chides Me
To Do What Is Right
When I Start Leaning
On My Weak And Carnal-Minded Self!

He Leads Me
He Guides Me
He Holds Me
He Carries Me At One And The Same Time!

What Rubbish!

No God Is Anybody's Friend!

Nor Their Companion Either!

Our Gods Take Everything We Own!

Our Gods Don't Give Us Anything!

Our Gods Don't Care What We Do!

No God That I Know
Can Lead, Guide, Hold and Carry You
At One And The Same Time!

True! True!

YOUR GODS Can't Do All Those Things
At One And The Same Time
My God
God Almighty
God The All Seeing
God The All Knowing
God The Ever Present
MY GOD -  Your God,  Too -  If You Want Him
The True And Living God
The Ancient Of Days
The Eternal God
All of That And More
Every Moment of Every Day!

AND ...

Best Of All
He Sent His Only Begotten Son
The Darling Of Heaven
To This Planet
To Die For My Sin

AND ...

His Son, Jesus Christ - The Righteous
Conquered Sin,  Death And The Grave
Is Alive 
Has Prepared A Home For Me In Heaven!
All Of You Can Receive That Blessing As Well!

There Was A Sudden - Deathly - Quiet In The Room!


The Voice That Started It All
Quietly, And Earnestly, Asked:

Would You Tell Us More About This Amazing and 
Giving God That IS Yours and 
How We May Know Him?

YES! Yes!

Teach Us!

Please Do! 

Dear Ones:

People all around The World are dying to hear The Word of God!

Please share The Truth, The Good News, so that another Heart may be Blessed of God.

Remember, as The Apostle Paul said: "I Planted, Apollos Watered; but God Giveth The Increase!" 1 Corinthians 3:6

Just Share, and Move Along, for God, Himself Promised   

May The Blessings and Bounties of Heaven Be Yours,