Friday, February 26, 2016

HAPPY SABBATH + Traitor To "The Cause?!"

When Did I Betray You?

How Did I Betray You?

You Have Got To Be Insane!!

I Used To Be Just Like You!
I Was Chained, But
Now, I Am Changed!

Just Because We Are Family
It Does Not Mean I Will Lie For You!

Just Because We Are Church Family
It Does Not Mean I Will Cover Up The Wrongs You Do!

Just Because We Are Best Friends
It Does Not Mean I Pick Up Your Fire-Rage!

Just Because I Work For You
It Does Not Mean That Use Of My Conscience
Is Included In My Wage!

Just Because We Belong To The Same Group
It Does Not Mean I'm Lying Down In Your Grave With You!

Do Not Get Me Wrong!
I Love You
We Do Not Share A Soul
Nor A Mind!

Your Conscience May Be Dead - Not Mine!

I Am Walking The Straight and Narrow
I Have To Give God An Account Of My Time
And I Will Be Damned ...

YES!  I Said Damned
- And I Mean It Literally -
If I Am Going To Lie
On My Conscience
To Keep Your Friendship or
Business or
Familial Association!

I Am Not Using No Twenty-five Cent Phrase!

I Am Speaking God's Honest Truth!

Family,  Friend,  Mother,  Father
Brother,  Sister,  Teacher,  Preacher
Prime Minister or King
I Do NOT Give A Rat's Well Who You Are!
If You're Wrong
And I Am Going To Tell You That You Are Wrong!

Call Me Traitor!
Disown Me!
Dismiss Me!
Block My Bank Account!
Close My Credit Card!
Repossess My Car!
Repossess My House, and
Even Take Back
The Non-Pet Mouse!

Liar Crook
Deceitful Dishonest 
Dishonorable Cheat
Don't Try To Put Me On Your Hook!

Jesus Is My Captain!
He Runs A Tight Ship!
I Believe In
Love and Trust Him
And I Intend To Go Home and Live With Him!

So ...

If You Want My Custom
My Friendship
My Companionship
And Want Me To Share A Meal With You
Buy A Clue
Hook Up With The Truth Shepherd
Confess ... And Repent
And He Will Walk With You, Too!

Go Get Yourself A Job
And Work Out Your Own Soul's Salvation!
I Am Working On My Own
And I Can't Share The Benefits I Receive With You!

Walking With Jesus Christ
An All Or Nothing 
24/7 Proposition!

Walk Straight ... Even If You Walk Alone
Expect Rabid Opposition!