Sunday, February 7, 2016

I Met A Man Who Blesses Me!

I Met A Man
I Did!
He Was Awe-inspiring
And Under His Influence I Slid!

I Met A Man!
He Blessed Me
With A Blessing
Which Stressed Me
And Distressed Me
And Depressed Me
And Made Me Behave As Though 
Old Satan Possessed Me!

I Met A Man
Who Blessed Me
With A Blessing
That Did Not
Monetarily Impress Me
That Did Not Socially
Express Me
That Did Not
Politically Profess Me
Being Holy
Did Wholly
Possess Me!

I Met The Man!
The Man Who Understands!
The Man Whose Love For Me Is Awesomely Grand
And Who Died
So That I Could Reach Heaven's Table Land
To Sit and Eat At God's Banquet Table
To Immortal
Redeemed Stand
For Having Accepted
The Free Offer
In The Free Salvation Plan!

I Met The Man
The Son of Man
Neither My Eyes Nor
Could Ingest Nor Express
The Beauty Before Which I Stood!
He IS Good!

I Took Him At His Word!
I Listened And
Accepted As He Made Record
Of His Blessings and Bounties
To Those Whom
With Him
Walk In One Accord!

I Met God!
I Met God's Son
I Met God's Holy Spirit
After The Meeting
Of Those Worthies Plus Me
Took Up - By God's Grace
Residence In My Heart Place
Jealous For My Soul
To Succeed
To Arrive
At The Heavenly Goal!

I Have Met 
I Have Communion and Consort
Jesus Christ!

Have YOU Met The Son Of Man?!

Have YOU Met The Great I AM?!