Monday, February 22, 2016

Illuminated Into Disbelief

Illuminated Man is Too Funny
And not Funny in a Good Way!
He Wishes for All Who Would Listen to Believe
That "Living-Holy-God-Worship" Doesn't Pay!

Illuminated Man would Also Have Us Believing that
There be "Aliens" Out There
Who Spawned Us and Are Soon Returning
So We Need to Get Out The Baptismal Wear!

Illuminated Man would have Us also Believing that We Are Alone In Space!
They would also have Us Believing that there is No Satan, and
Demons Do Not Exist while
They Openly Worship god-Satan and are
Illuminatedly Indwelt by Spirit Guides who 
Teach Them The Other Way!

I Really Wish 
These Illuminated Creatures 
Would Get Their Stories 

These Illuminated Creatures 
Also Pointedly Say that 
Non-Existent Non-God As God 
Is An Artistic Disgrace!

Now, For The Record
I'm a Jesus Christ God Holy Spirit Believer
I Believe that There Are Other Occupied Worlds
I Know for Sure That Jesus Christ is Holy Artistic
Based Upon His Creation of 
The Heavens
Earth and Its Myriad Various Inhabitants
And His Merciful Provision for

My Believing and Unbelieving Kind
Created Of His Blessed Creative Artistic Design!

AND ...

I Know - with Certainty - that Those Aliens are Demonic Entities
For Almighty God Will Never Permit
Fallen Man To Connect With 
Unfallen Worlds ... To Besmirch Them With Our Sin!

Would The God who Created Grasshopper
Put Grasshopper Legs on Pig Head?
Would He put Pig Head on Bunny Body
And give Crocodile a pair of Goat Legs?

"They" Tell a Story
That is Seriously Far from God's Truth
But if we would Relate The True Story
All would See that Satan and his Minions are on The Loose!

The Bible Says Clearly that 
There is Nothing New Under The Sun, and, therefore
We See The Demonic Hand in today's Genetic Manipulations:

Dog with "human body" displayed
Hopes of Recreating the Gargoyles, Centaurs
And Other Nightmares -
Anything from the Covetous Mind in a Sick Head!

Satan Cannot Anything Create


He Gladly Willingly Abominates!

Jesus Christ Did Not Create Abominations!
Jesus Christ IS Peace - Not Craven
And Neither Does He Indulge Himself in 
Demonic Joke Relief!

Sorry, The Aliens they're Hoping For and Expecting
Are Nothing But Demons Sent by Mischief Maker the Demon-in-Chief
Who has Deluded The Illuminated
By Promising them Godhood, Immortality and Access
To The Throne of The Non-God Reigning 
In Heaven Above!

Satan has Told The Lie So Often that
Illumination is The Gilded Butterfly
The Illuminated Believe that
They Can't Won't Die
For They Are Important
Prime Biological Specimens
Who, with a Chip and Two Screws
Will Be Better Than Me and You!

They Believe That They are Superior ...!
Maybe in Money and Lack of Shame
But Decidedly Not in Faith, and
Assuredly Not In Operating The Brain!

BUT ...

Since They are Christ-deniers, and
Their god -  Him of Fallen Fame
What Can You Expect from Them
But Things Heinous from The Darkened Plain?

God Gives to Those who Humble Themselves
Not Those who Set Up Against God - Always in Opposition!
God Gives to His Children - Those Who Are Called by His Name
Not to Those who are of Controlled Demonic Disposition!

Illuminated Eyes are Positively Blind!
Hearing Ears are Idol Deaf with
Evil Power in Carnal Hand
Lifted Up Now 
Lowered Later
As - For Them - There is No Hope for Heaven
At Jesus Christ's Coming
They will Holler and Cower
Begging The Rocks and Mountains
To Hide Them from The Wrath of The Lamb
And From Him Who Sits Upon Heaven's Throne!!

Fear Almighty God -

Not Illuminated Man!

God IS Real!

Heaven IS Real!

Hell IS Real!


The Soon Coming 


Jesus Christ IS Real

So ... Time To Get Real!