Wednesday, February 24, 2016

PRAYER: FATHER, Thank You For The Grace

Heavenly Father,
I Come Before You - As a Child Beloved
With A Supremely Grateful Heart
That Within My Right To Life
Is My Right To Choose
This Very Day
Which GOD I Will Serve!

Father, With a Contrite Heart 
I Choose To Humbly Worship You!

Father,  You have Clearly Stated in Your Eternal Word
That Every Human Being
MUST Work Out His Own Soul's Salvation
With Fear -  Godly Fear - and Trembling
And I  -  of My Own God-given Free Will -
Reverently Bow Before You - Not with the Eye Servant's Knee - 
But With a Conscious-of-My-Own-Unworthiness and 
To Honor You with My Praise and My Worship!

Father,  I Am Indeed Thankful That You
The Holy God
Are My Lord and My God,  and 
Not The Lying Other!

I Am Thankful That You Have Given Me Leave-to-Appear 
Before The Throne of Grace 
So That We can Reason Together
To Come To The Conclusion of The Whole Matter!

Help Me, Father, To Do My Living Loving Duty Which Is
To Fear You, and 
To Keep Your Commandments
For The Day Is Coming 
When You Will Bring Ever Work 
Into Judgment 
With Every Secret Thing That I Have Done!

Help Me,  Father
To Lay All of My Burdens 
Upon The Altar of Sacrifice
To Lay them Down 
Turn Away from Them
Leave Them In Your Holy and Matchless Care!

Please Help Me To Listen When Your Holy Spirit Speaks
As I Listen To What I Hear From Your Holy Spirit
Help Me To Obey
Without Human Fear and Failing!

I Am Weak
In You Lord
I Am Remade  ...  Strong!

Help Me To Ever Trust You and In You!

Help Me To Abide - Faithful - In Your Care!

Help Me To Walk Holy Every Day
No Matter What The Unbelieving Man May Say!

Help Me To Stand Firm
In Jesus' Faith
Until The Day Dawns
When I Shall See My Jesus
Nevermore To Be Called
A Fairy-tale-Believing Disgrace, and
To Reside Forever
In The Eternal Place!

Thank You For Your Mercy!
Thank You For Your Love!
Thank You For Your Grace
Thank You For The Heavenly Hope!

Blessed Is Your Holy Name!