Monday, February 8, 2016

PRAYER: Lord, What Is The Use...!?!

Lord, What Use An Earthly Crown
When With It The Heart Has No Song?

What Use Is The Palatial Home
When All Who There Abide
From It Ever Roam?

What Use Is The Classic Ride
When With It Is No Trustworthy Guide?

What Use The Big Show
When The Eye Has No Heavenly Glow?

I Love You!
I Honor You Today
Tomorrow and
No Matter What The Detractors Say!

I Have Proved Your Worth To Me!
I Know, Dear Lord, That You Are Real!
Let Me Not Be Discomfited
By Those, Lord,
Who Are Vindictive, Vulgar and Mean-spirited!

Father, I Lay My Burdens At Your Feet!
Please Grant Me A Blessing
Let My Rest At Night Be Sweet!
Let Me, By Your Mercy
Cling To You
Not Out Of Fear!
Let Me Cling To My Soul's Lover
And Not, Lord, To The Lying Other!

When You Kingdom, Lord, Shall Come
Remember Me, Lord
Of Your Glory
No Matter How Little
Grant Me Some!