Saturday, February 6, 2016

TRUTH: God Loves AND Satan Hates What God Loves!!

God Can't Love You Less!
Satan Can't Hate You More
Faith Is The Key
That Unlocks Heaven's Mercies
And Its Made-of-Pearl Gate Doors!

Because You May Hate God
It Does Not Mean That God Hates You!
BUT ...
If You Love God
Know For A Fact That
Satan Despises and Hates You!

God Hates Sin!
God Loves The Sinner!
Repent and Confess Your Sin
Be Present At 
God's Saints' Welcome Home Dinner!

God Love Is Not Blind!
God's Love Can See!
God Loves Us Nevertheless
No Surprise
God's Love Is Free!

God Loves You!
Satan Hates You!
No Matter The Hate
To Sin  ... Satan Cannot Make You!

God Could Bend Your Will
But He Won't!
Satan Would Bend Your Will
But He Can't!

God Is God Is Real!
Satan's Plan To Be God Is Stale
Don't Go Facing Satan
Believing You Can't Fall
For Without God As Your Shepherd
You Are Nothing More Than 
Satan's Cheap Bouncy Ball!

God Loves!
Satan Hates!
Soooo ...
Learn Ye The Difference
Before Your Expiration Date!