Monday, June 20, 2016

A Midday Prayer

My Day Is Only Halfway Through
Trials Have Set In
And I Need A Blessing From You
You Are Holy
You Are The Lord
My God
I Beseech You
Keep Me Out Of The Kitchen Of The Fraud!

Lord,  I Can See
Sin's Stout Cookware
And The Oil Of Contention
Is Smoking
And I Don't Care To Swear
BUT,  Lord, I Can Tell You True
Wickedness Is Trying It's Best
To Make Me Take My Eyes Off Of You!

You Are My Lord
My Master
My Very Best Friend
You Are My Life Company
From Life's Beginning
And If I Am Faithful
Throughout Eternity Without End
I Pray To You Your Promise
I Am Casting On You My Care
Give Me Victory In Jesus' Name
In Whom I Will Not Ever Know Shame!
I Love You,  Lord.