Wednesday, June 1, 2016

For What Do You Pray?

We Just Don't Know Of The Many Blessings
That Keep Us From Doing  
The Unholy One's Behest!

We Just Don't Know Of The Many Blessings
That Bring Us To The Lord 
So That We May Our Sin Confess!

We Just Don't Know Of The Many Blessings
Which Cause Us To Turn Away
From Falling Into Mortal Distress
So ...
Let's Give Our Praise And Thanks
Trust And Obedience To The Living God
So That Heaven Will Continue
Our Hearts And Hands To Bless!

Our Loving Savior
Says That We Must Come To Him
To Be Fed
Before We Can Go To Him
We Must Recognize
That We Have A Need
For The Bread Of Heaven
Life's Living Water Pure
Believe That God Can Will Feed Us
Will Our Food Be Sure

Let No Man Deceive You!
The Living God Is Not Mocked!
Let Not Self Deceive You
To Believe
That Going To God Is There To Give You
Ample Temporal Stock
Life Is More Than Food And Raiment
Houses And Land
Possessions And Processions
Following Fashion
Always Having The Winning Game Hand!

Coming To Jesus
Will Get You
The Father
The Son!
Not Coming To Jesus
Will Make You
A Sure Lost
An Also Ran!

The Heavenly Father Won't Know You!
The Eternal Gifts For You
By You Will Be Cast Away
In The Great Day's Dawning
Your Wailing Teeth-Gnashing
Christ-Confessing Self
Will Receive Its Justly Earned
Fully Compensated
No Deductions
For Nor By Mercy Sanctioned
Eternal Gross Pay!

NOW Is The Accepted Time Of Salvation!
NOW Is The Time - Don't You Delay
For The Lord Is Willing
With You To Reason
No Matter What Your Life's Season!

He Will Listen To What You Have To Say
If You Have Questions
Know For A Surety
That He Will Answer All
He Is The Creator God
Of Everything
Great And Small
On Under
Above The Blue Ball!

Please Know
Without Fear And Failing
That Jesus Christ
Is The Answer
Whereby You Can Reclaim
That Was Lost To Us
Because Of Man's
Ignoble Fall!

Trust In The Lord!
Call On His Name!
Believe In His Promises!
Walk In His Way!
Live In His Light!
Take From That Holy Hand The Offered Blessing!
From Cherished Sin Walk Away
By Jesus Christ The Righteous
The Land Bright With Everlasting Day!