Saturday, June 18, 2016

Handling The Truth!

I Came Into A World Where Truth Was Cherished!
I Grew Up In A World Where Untruths Were Severely Punished!
I Lived Long Enough To Hear That People Cannot Handle Truth
I Live In An Age
Where Telling Truth 
Is To Attack A Poor Soul In Rage!

I Often Don't Know
Whether I Am Coming Or Going!
I Often Don't Know 
If I'm Living Or Dying
I Thank The True And Living God
Who Is Never Changing
That I Know What Is A Lie
That It Is Time For Men To Be In Shame Crying!

Lie No. 1:
     God Does Not Exist!
Lie No. 2:
     Man Is God! Live In Bliss!
Lie No. 3:
     Do What You Want! No Personal Cost!
Lie No. 4:
     Man Is Immortal! No Soul Can Be Lost!
Lie No. 5:
     Bible-believing Christians Are Terrorists! I Am One!
Lie No. 6:
     God The Father Ain't Never Had No Son!
Lie No. 7:
     Live As You Like! God Made You That Way!

I Also Know What TRUTH Looks Like:
Check Out Lie No. 1
For It Cancels Lie No. 6 and Lie No. 7!


Satan Is The Father
The Father Of Lies
One Of His Masterpieces
Is Create The Problem
Provide The Solution Thereof, Too
And This Is How
Satan Run-and-Boards
The Unwary
On Mash-Up And Buy-Back Avenue!

Destroy The Bible!
Remove The Possibility Of Prayer!
Preach Another Jesus!
Cause Men To Live In Despair!

Push The Herd Mentality!
Insist Upon Casting Away Individuality!
Uplift Perverted Tastes
To Prove An Authentic Life
Transplant A Cadaver Face Uterus Penis
To Get Back In The Game Of Real Life
Curse Guilt Out The  Surgical Patient Who Won't Sign Papers
So That They Could Become The Perfect Organ Donor Candidate!

Sharpen The Knives Of Contention
Stick Mr. Pork's Belly
And Stress 
It Won't Bleed
Nor Eventually Die!

Suck The Air Out Of The Small Box
Insert 50 Trusting Humans
Seal It AND Tell Them To Breathe
As The Compassionate Great One 
Wishes Them All ... Good Luck!


When The In-Box Humans All Cruelly-Cruelly Die
Tell The Populace It Is The Fault Of That Hateful Almighty God
Humbly Trot Out 
The Dark Night Prince Of Gimme The World In 10 Colored Pieces
Who Then Says He Will Safely Operate It
Exterminate The Jesus-Freak-Sheep
Give All In His World Pretty-Pretty Golden Fleeces!

Truth Is Not Man's Enemy!
So Do Not Believe Anything
Coming From Man's Frenemy
- Lion De Liar -
- At The End -
Will Burn In The Holy God's Fire!

You Can Handle The Truth
You CHOOSE To Hear The Truth
You Choose To Accept The Truth!!