Friday, June 24, 2016


I Believe The Word Of God!

I Believe I Will Fly
For My Father Said
We Shall Be As Angels
And Angels Have Wings!

I Believe I Shall No More Cry
For My Father Said That
Sorrow And Death Shall Pass Away!

I Believe That I Shall Be In Eternity Enthralled
For My Father Said That
Eye Hath Not Seen
Nor Ear Heard
The Things He Hath Prepared For Me
Because I Give Him My Love!

I Believe I Shall Live Forever
For My Father Said I Shall Live With  Him Where He Is -
There Is No Terminus In Eternity!

I Believe I Shall Be Immortal
For My Father Says That I Shall Be Like Him
And He Cannot Die!

I Believe God!
My God Is My Father!
My Father God Is Not A Man
That He Should To Me Lie!
I Place My Trust In Him
And ... By Faith
I Shall Gain The Blessed Reward
When He Comes For Me
When He Breaks The Eastern Sky!

My Belief Is Rooted
In The Rock Of Truth!
My Faith Is Planted In Him
By Whose Blood
I Shall Gain Eternal Youth!
My Rock Is Jesus!
He Is The Christ
He Is My Hope
My Help And My Healer
My Author
My Finisher
My Light
My Truth
My Life!

I Believe God!