Saturday, June 4, 2016

Making Peace With God!

I Have No Fond Memory
Of Having Walked In My Own Way
For Even Though Through Repentance
God Forgave Me
The World Did Not Seen To Care!

I Remember Being Fat and Flourishing
Not Realizing That That Put Me At Odds With My God
Not Realizing That The Fat Was Not Just A Weight Thing
An Indication That I Was Seriously In Bed With The Fraud!

I Walked Presumptuously
In My Own Way!
I Did It All To Suit Me
I Did Not Care
Since I Wasn't Hurting Anybody
I Was Looking For The Big Pay Day!
(Famous Last Words!)

Is Anybody Up For A Roman Holiday!"

Little Did I Know -  Or Care -
If I'm Honest
I Was Walking On Egg Shells
Sliding On A Banana Peel
Standing On A Broken Leg
Until The Day
The Fence I Was Straddling
Up and Fell Down
I Was Left
Upside Down!

I Had No Choice
But To The Bible
Take Recourse!
No One Made Me
Sin and I Had Had An Acrimonious Divorce
It Was Then
That I Understood In Truth
That A Surrendered Will And Spirit
God Can Make Of Good Use!

In The Sanctuary Service
The Sinner Must Repentant Come
Bearing A Peace Offering
An Unspotted Lamb
Which He Of Himself
Must Remove The Fat - His Sin
The Lamb's Breast Heart and Right Shoulder
To Make To God
Pleasurable Offerings
Showing With Distinction
Self Will Being Set Aside
That The Law Of God Will Be Kept
As Was The Ark
Carried On The Right Shoulder Side!

I Made A Promise
Which In Myself I Surely Broke
Because I'd Chosen Jesus
I'd Also Broken Satan's Yoke
Having Done That
I'd Made My Peace With My God
With Jesus As My Peace
My Companion
I - By Christ -
Will Be Called
The Peacemaker
A Child Of God
The Repairer Of The Breach!

 Make Your Peace With God!

Give God The Fat
Keep Him At Your Right Shoulder!