Tuesday, June 7, 2016

PRAYER: Father, I Made No Agreement With Hell!

Lord, I Bring Before You My Adversary
The Enemy Of My Soul
Who Daily Seeks To Entrap Me
With His Pet Snares
Licentiousness And Idolatry!

Is Malicious!
He Seeks To Make Me Foul Up
With Constant Temptations
That No Matter What Unrighteous
Unholy Thing I Do
It Is Not Sin
You Are Love
And To Heaven You Will Surely Take Me Up!

Lord, You Blessed Me With Ability
And I Can For Myself
The Living Word Read!
Love And Justice
Mercy And Grace
Are All Parts
Of The Holy God To Whom I My Heart Yields
And I Am Not To Presume Upon Love
To Elevate Mercy And Grace
For Your Justice Demands
That Sin Be Put Away From Your Face!

Lord, I Have Made
No Covenant With Death
Neither Have I Made An Agreement With Hell!
You, Lord, Are The Savior Of My Soul
I Desire
Of This Situation
You Take Complete Control!

Wash Me!
Clean Me!
Heal Me!
Take Control!
My Desire Is To Be Named In Your Book
When You Call Up The Roll!
I Desire To See You As My King
Not As My Judge
And The Destroyer Of Unrepentant Souls
So, Father
Have Mercy!
Save This Weak Dependent On You Soul!

I Give Me To You!
Please Hold Complete Sway
I Am A Child Willing
To Do Whatever You Say
For It Is For My Soul's Good
And Always!

I Love You, Lord!