Wednesday, June 29, 2016

PRAYER: I Am Yours, Lord!

I Lift My Heart To You
In An Attitude Of Prayer!
On My Own I Know I Am Nothing, Lord
And I Give To You My Burdens Of Care!

Let Me Not Neglect Our Morning Meetings
Wherein I Find Grace For The Day!
Let Me Not Neglect Our Blessed Time Together
Where I Receive The Blessings You Lovingly Share!

In Those Days When I Am Feeling All Prayed Out
And I Feel I Have Nothing To Say
Let This Heart Find Strength From Your Spirit
So That Satan Cannot Stick Me With His Darts!

I Am Yours, Dear Lord!
Your Voice I Obey!
Help Me This Day And Always
In Faith And Belief
For Love
And For Right Doing
Ever With Alacrity
To Act Upon All That You Say!
I Love You!