Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Hospital Visit

I Visited The Hospital
I Wished I Had Not Gone
For I Was Shocked To Realize
There Is No Healing Going On!

I Visited The Accounts Payable Department
I Was Sorry That I Had Gone
The Department Was So Efficiently Run
They Were Billing People For Family Visits
Even For The Comfort Of A Hope Song!

I Visited The Intensive Care Unit
I Sincerely Wished That I Had Not Gone
For The Monitoring Of Souls In Dire Straits
Said Clearly
Each Had Been Left To Suffer A "Whatever!"  Fate!

I Visited The Birthing Department
I  Wished,  Lord,  I Wished That I Had Not Gone
Babies Were Aborning
They Seemed Awful Weak
Not At All Life-Battle Ready
To Survive Life
Prosperous And Strong!

I Went To The Nursery Department
I Was So Glad As I Was Going Along
Soft Music
Happy Voices
Oh, The Joy!
What Laughter
I Realized That
The Children Were Being Fed
An Intravenous Sugar Diet From
Liarman's Pastries Pills And Plasters!

I Visited The Personnel Department
I Visited Diet And Hygiene
I Visited With The Chaplaincy
By The Time I Reached Administration
Just After Plant Operations
And Just Before I Got The Courage
To Go To The Surgical Floor
I Walked Into An "Empty Office"
Was There Shaken
To My Very Core!

There Standing
Covered In Cobweb
Was The Savior Of Man
Marked With Abuse
Marred As One Often Rejected
Seriously Misused!

This Was The Founder
Kinsman Redeemer
The Creator Of It All
The Road To Glory
The Light For The Way
The God Man
Through Whom
To Glorious Realms
Is The Only Way!

I Said: "Blessed Is Your Name! "

I Asked: "My Lord,  How Come You To Such Shame?!"

His Reply Was That His Dignity
- To Those With Dull And Cloudy Eyes -
Is Reduced
To That Of One Profane
His Glory Is Exchanged For That 
From Him Who Wants Man's Worship
To Be Called By God's Holy Name!

BUT ...

How Is This Possible?
Are The People So Fickle?
So Weak?

He Said: "Come!
Let Me Show You
EVEN As We Speak!"

There Was Dread In My Stomach
My Skin Crawled With Fear
My Eyeballs Were Sweating
From A Fixed Focused Perpetual Stare!

In Rooms
Cubby Holes
In Places Out Of The Way
Even In Places Plain
Were Altars For Worship
At Which Men Women Children
To Myriad gods Prayed

BUT ... Then

He Drew Close My Attention
The Veil Was Stripped Away
And There With Each Devotees Altar
A Vile Wretched Demon Preyed!


How,  Why,  When, What?!!?!!?

There Is
Greed For Gain
Dissatisfaction With Daily Bread
Unwillingness To Let The Peace Of God Abide
And Dissatisfaction With The Bounty Of God!

There Is
The Preference For The Sweets Of The World
Gotten From That Liarman
The Sweet Man
King Of All That Is Fraud
Refusal To Bear A Cross Daily
Refusal To Deny Self In Any Way
Preference Always To Hide From Truth
And A Vested Willingness
To Wear A Dark Cowl!

Eyes Are Blind!
Ears Are Stopped!
Smooth Things Bring Pleasure
But The Truth To The Seared Heart Does Not!

There Is The Quest Pleasure At All Costs
And Eternal Hope Is A Far Distant Last
For Those Who Lead The People Desire
To Be The Church And The Steeple!

What Does That Mean?

They Desire To Be Everything To The People
The Church Building Is Their Comfort!
The Steeple On The Church Is The Symbol Of Their Hope!
They Display No Comfort In Nor From The Living God
For Their Worship Is All Idolatry!

There Is No Need For The Holy God
From Whom One Is Blessed With Hope For Heavenly Reward!
The Reward Is From The Hand Of Man
Not From Him Who Abides In Glory Land!

I Was Grieved In My Spirit!
I Was At My Emotional Limit!

Lord, We Need The Holy Spirit
We Need The Rest In Your Blessing!

Child,  Believe,  And Pray In Faith!
You Will Receive It!

With Revelation Came Insight!
With Insight Came The Fight!
Within The Fight True Believers Acquired Sight
Life For Them Became Upright!

Those Deniers Of The Lord
Those Who Work For Man's Rewards
Have Fair Lost Their Power
So They Seek To Sow Discord

BUT ...

Praise God
In The Metaphorical Hospital
There Is A Remnant
- Never The Whole -
Who Trust
Work Wisely
In Certain Hope
With Blessed Assurance
For The Living Faithful Lord!

There Is True Healing
To Jesus Christ
They Wholly Cling!

What Is Your Church?

A Hospital Where Christ Abides
A Hell-Hole Where Satan Connives?

What Is The Truth?!