Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Narrow Plank

I Stand Upon The Narrow Plank
The Narrow Plank Called Faith
It Is Just Broad Enough
To Hold My Feet
Through It
Jesus Christ Daily Carries
Uplifts Me
By It
I Make Heavenly Gains!

I've Been Fickle!
I've Had Foibles!
I've Been Recalcitrant
Unto Own Way
This Plank That I'm Standing On
Is Anchored In
Prayers Solid Ground
On The Straight And Narrow Way!

I Used To 
Waffle And Whiffle
Sniffle And Sneak!
I Used To Cast About
Looking For A God Strong
Not A False God Weak
Until I Met Jesus
The Christ Who Calls Me By Name
He Who Has Bidden Me
His Holy Name
Not To Profane!

Since I Accepted From Jesus
The Plank Of Christ's Faith
I Am Fitted
Fighting To
In Faith
Run In The Eternal Stakes Race!

I DO NOT Run With Self!
I've Pinned That Button On Jesus Christ's Sleeve
I'm Bearing A Personal Cross
Running Through The Buffeting Breeze!

As Long As I Look At Jesus
I Am Running In The Light!
When I Look Away From Jesus
Out Comes The King Of The Night!

BUT ...

By Prayer And Supplication
Letting To God
My Requests Be Made Known
I Have Access To Angelic Companions Strong
I'm Never Alone!

My Faith Looks Up!
My Heart Reaches Out
My Soul Is In Travail
Not To The Vagaries Of False Doctrines
Willy Nilly Tossed About!

My Plank Has No Wood Ants
Just Marks Of Righteous Blood
Roman Nails
With The Blessed Purchase Made By Jesus
By Trust In His Merits
My Plank
On The Altar Of Sacrifice
Will Brightly Blaze!

My Plank Is Oiled By The Holy Spirit!

What Are YOU Standing Upon!

Rotting Wood OR Jesus' Faith?