Saturday, June 18, 2016


There Are So Many Things
The World Says
We Need To Know
BUT ...
I Intend To Show
That It Is Jesus Christ We Need
We Intend
By God's Grace To Grow!

Fallen Man Is Fallen!
He Cannot By Himself
Stand Up
He Needs The Gentle Shepherd
His Soul To Raise Up!

He Needs The Words Of Wisdom
The Words That Bring Life
He Knows To Know Of Him Whom
Without God
He Cannot Survive Against Life's Strife!

Man Needs To Know
By Whose Hand
He Gets His Daily Bread!
He Needs To Believe In Him
Without Whom
Life And Hope Are Dead!

Man Can Be Sheep!
Man Can Be Goat!
Goat Or Sheep
Man Is Attached To A Rope!

The Rope Of Life
Can Be By Choosing!
The Rope Of Life
Can Be By Bet Losing!
The Rope Of Life

  • Living
  • Losing
  • Choosing
  • Refusing

Is There
For All In Jesus Christ
To Safely Use
By Satanic
Demonic Interference

Know The Facts!
Don't Chill-ax!
Live Life To The Max
Don't Let Satan
The Hope To Your External Life

Needful Things To Know
About The Journey Called Life:

Three Chains In Life:
Lust Of The Flesh
Lust Of The Eye
Pride Of Life

Two Sins Of Life:
Sin Of Commission - What You Commit
Sin Of Omission - The Good You Neglect To Do

One Godhead For Real Life:
God The Father
God The Son
God The Holy Spirit
Who Agree In Heaven As One

One Way To Almighty God For Life:
Through The Only Begotten Son Of God
Jesus Christ

One Savior Of Life:
Jesus Christ Who God The Father Sent

One Salvation To Eternal Life:
By Grace Alone
Through Faith Alone
In Christ Alone

One Comforter In Life:
The Holy Spirit
Who Jesus Christ Sent

One Sword Of The Spirit Of Life:
The Word Of God

One Constant Call From Jesus Christ To Life:
I Love You!
Come Quickly And Be Safe In Me!
Come To Me For Peace!
Come To Me For Rest!

One Appointment For Man:
Man Is Appointed Once To Die

One Hope:
Man's Certain Hope Of The Resurrection To Life Eternal Is In Jesus Christ

One Way To Pray:
Pray Without Ceasing

One Way To Rejoice:
Rejoice Always

One Dread Word Of Warning:
Do Nothing To Cause The Holy Spirit To Leave You Comfortless

One Garment:
The White Linen Robe Of Christ's Righteousness

One Mediator Between God And Man:
Jesus Christ
The Lamb Of God
Who Takes Away ALL The Sin Of The World

One Blessed Assurance For The Soul's Comfort:
Jesus Paid It All
For All Mankind Including Me And You

One Desire Of The Soul:
To Be Used Of God
For God's Glory

One Peace For The Soul:
The Peace That Passes All Understanding
Through Jesus Christ Our Lord

One Grace Of God:
Free Grace
Undying Love

One Armor Of God:
The Whole Armor Of God

One Answer From God:
Jesus Christ Is The Answer
To All
Our Questionings

One Resurrection To Eternal Life:
For Those Saved Through Living Faith In Christ

One Resurrection To Damnation:
For The Unrepentant Rebellious Against Christ

Do You Really Know
That You Really Know
The Holy One
Who Best
Knows You?!