Saturday, July 16, 2016

Giving God Thanks?!

Lord,  Give Me This!
Lord,  Let Me Have That?
Lord,  I Will Feel Blessed
With That There Over Yonder!

Give Me!
Give ME!

SO ...?!

Did You Receive Your Requests?

Believe It! God Is Good!

And ...?

And What?!

Do You Talk To God
About Anything Besides
Hopes For Receiving?


What Does
T H A N K S Spell?

It Spells Thanks!

Do You Ever Say To God:

"Thank You,  Father! "
" Bless You,  Father! "
" Thank You,  Lord,  For Your Blessing On Me!? "

Hmm ...

 Not Really  ... .

You Mean That You Don't!
You Mean That You Ain't Got No Broughtupsy!

Weellll ...

God Doesn't Need My Thanks!
He Knows Everything So He Knows That I Am Thankful!!


You Say God Knows Everything!

God Said So In The Big Book!

If God Knows Everything
Then Why Do You Feel The Need
To Tell Him Your Neverending Requests?

The Big Book Says 
God Wants Us To Tell Him 
Our Requests By Prayer And Supplication!

You Like To Quote The Book,  Eh?!

It's Got Good Stuff In There!

In That Case
Amongst All The Good Stuff In The Big Book
Did You Remembering Reading The Part Which Says:

"Give Thanks!?"

Oh,  He...!

Don't You Dare Say It!

When Ungrateful
Finally Picked Up His Chin
From The Floor
He Was Then Heard Crying
Thanking God
For The Bad Manners He Showed!

Acted The Part
Blessing God For His Benefits
Ever Grateful
For What God To Him
Did Willingly Impart!

AND ....?!

On Any Given Day
You Can Hear His Voice Singing

Thank You,  Dear Lord
For Your Blessing Today
Of The Expected
For The Requested
For The Unexpected And Yet Received!
Thank You,  Dear Father
For Your Blessings Upon Me!
Here Are My "Thanks!" And Praise
My Gift To You, Lord
From A Truly Grateful Heart!
Please Receive It And Bless Me
Your Grace And Mercy
I Daily Receive And Know!
I Love You!

Bless The Lord, And ... GROW!