Friday, July 22, 2016


Oh, Lord
I Come To You
As Child Greatly Beloved
Of A Holy And Loving Eternal God
Humbly Making My Petitions
Ever Knowing
That Your Are Faithful
And Will Be
Until My Life Shall End!

Help Me, Father
To Keep My Heart
Turned Ever Towards You
Trusting In Your Providential Care
When I Can See No Light Shining 
Along My Walk Way!

Help To Live Each Day
As Though It Is My Last
Ever Mindful Of Upon Whom 
My Eternal Lot Is Cast!

Help Me, Lord
To Not Sell You Short
Holding On To The Carrion
That Is Truth Suffering A Distort!

Help Me To Keep Living Truth
Ever In My Care
And Not Run 
At Every Whim Of The Prevailing Wind
In Despair!

Help Me To Stand Firm
In The Faith Which I Have Received
Not To Walk As One Beguiled

Help Me Not To Trust
In Fallen Man's Fickle Praise
But Trusting 
In The God Of Heaven
Who Gives Me Life 
Length Of Days!

Help Me Not To Be Wise
In My Own Conceit
Help Me Not To Live 
Like A Soul-By-Self Complete!

Father, Help Me To Faithfully Abide 
In The Truth Of The Salvation Plan
Never Giving Heed To That Wretched Satan
Who Would Deceive Me
Any Which Way He Can!

Help Me To Use My Time In Wise Ways
Not Given Up To Sitting Down To Eat
Getting Up To Play
Therein Lies Wantonness
With Self-Deceit Of The Soul
And Destruction
And Not A Home In Heaven
As Is My Treasured Goal!

Oh, Lord
Lift Me Up
So That I May Lift You Up
So That I May Never
- In Opposition To You -
My Cup
- Not With Blessing -
With Your Wrath 
Fill Up!

Father, I Am Yours!
Help Me To Be Ever Faithful
So That I May
- In The Glad day -
To The Heavenly Home
Go Up!
I Love You, Lord.