Wednesday, July 13, 2016

I Believe God ... BUT!?!

There Is A New Game Among Christians Called
I Believe God ... BUT!
It Encourages Christians Called
To Question
What God Wrote
In His Holy Book!

It Permits Christians Called
To Call Into Question
The Foundation
The Efficacy Of The Word
Gives Satan
The Ability To
Acquire A BIG Able Goat Herd!

I AM The Way!
I AM The Truth!
I AM The Light!
I AM Your Life
Is What Jesus Christ God Says In The Instruction Book
On How To Gain Eternal Life
AND ...
Choosing To Believe The Liar
The Father Himself Of Lies
Is Indeed A Dreadful Place
For The So-Called Christian To Abide!

A Word Shall Not Change!
I AM The Word!
The Word Is My Character!
I AM The Eternal God!
No Beginning!
No Ending!
Just Believe
For I Make Only Just Judgments
In The Life Stakes!

Choose To Believe And Receive
The Blessings Of Eternal Life
With Me
In Eternal Mansions
Where There Is No Strife
No Sorrow
No Hate
No Sadness
Only Blessing!
Choose The Glorious Blessing
Not Satan's Ignominious Fate!

I Believe God BUT ...
Is A Ploy Of The Fraud
Setting Up Man To Believe
He Can Question
Match Wits With The Holy God!

Don't Believe The Propaganda
Against God's Word Being All!
Ditch The Question!
Ditch Satan
Go To
With Your God
Who Loves You
With His Blood
With His Life 
With His Everlasting Love!

Don't Fall 
The Intelligentsia's Fashions!
There Is 
No "BUT" In Believing God!

Buy The Truth
Sell It Not!
Satan Is The Liar
Jesus Christ Is All We Need
With Whom We Should Cast Out Lot!