Monday, July 25, 2016

Praise The Lord! Praise The Lord?!

Praise The Lord!
Praise The Lord!

So What Song Shall We Sing?

Who Said Anything About Singing?!

You Did!


Yes!  You!

How Did I DO That?!

You Said:  "Praise The Lord!"
Not Once But Three Times!

Ohhhh!  That Is Just An Expression!

Are You Crazy?!

Why Do You Ask That?

Wasn't King David Always Singing Praises Unto The Lord?!
Doesn't The Good Book Say In Psalm 147 That Praise Is Comely?
Listen To The Quotation:

Oh, That!!

Yes! That!!

Oh. I Just Got Into The Habit Of Saying What Is Happening 
Without Really Doing It!

Isn't That Deceitful?
Really Deceitful?!

When You Put It Like That ...!

Yes,  I DO!
If You Are Going To Praise God
Shouldn't You Actually Call His Name 
Tell Of His Excellent Greatness
Actually Sing Praises
Thoroughly Celebrating Our Great God?!

Yeah,  But ...

No But's!
If You Are Going To Praise God
You Should Actually Tell Him
Like How You "Praised Up" That Speaker Last Week
With All The Glorious Praise
Like He Was
Get This ...


Good Gracious!
But That Would Be Idolatry!!

Yuh Think!!

Father,  Forgive Me!
I Really Didn't Realize What I Was Doing!

... God Is Sooo Good!

Let Us Sing This Song 
Like We Believe It
Like We Really Mean It!

God Has Been 
God Is
God Will Ever Always Be Good To Us
So Let Us
Bless God
With Heartfelt Songs Of Praise!