Sunday, July 24, 2016

PRAYER: Thank You, Lord, For Grace

Lord,  I Lift Up My Heart
Not In Pride
But In Love, Joy, Hope
Singing A Joyful Hallelujah
For The Peace
That The World Does Not Know Or Own
Grateful For The Mercies
I Am Daily Shown
And That I Am Called Your Own!

Father, I Am Thankful
That In The Midst Of The World's Strife
I Can Say Prayers To You
Rest In Peace Throughout The Night!

I Am Thankful For The Blessing
That Raised Me Up From Sleep
And The Blessing
That Caused Me To Stand Upon My Feet!

I Am Thankful,  Lord
For Your Provision Of My Daily Bread
And For The Four Walls That Surround Me
And The Roof That Covers My Head!

I Am Thankful For The Clothing Upon My Back
And For The Shoes That Protect My Feet
As I Walk Along Streets And Country Tracks!

I Am Thankful For The Fruitful Work You Provided To Me
And For The Wages
Out Of Which I Can Help Somebody!

I Am Thankful For The Grace
Within Which I Daily Grow
And For Any Opportunities
Within Which I Can Your Goodness Show!

I Am Thankful,  Lord
That Your Spirit Called Out To Me
And That You Gave Me The Ability 
To Answer That Call
That Came So Softly!

I Thank You, Lord
For Your Hearing And Answering Prayer
And I Humbly Ask
Thank You Please Make A Way
- Using Even Me -
For Those Who Don't See Your Outstretched Hand
And Those Who Don't Know That You Sacrificed
Your Beloved Son To Save The Human Family!

Have Mercy,  Lord
On The Called Who Have Answered
Those Who Are In Process Of Answering!
As For Those Who Will Answer The Call
Help Them, Lord, To Answer Not Belatedly
But Swiftly 
For Indeed, Now Is The Acceptable Time!

Grant Unto Us All Of The Household Of Faith
Courage To Stand
In The Strength
Of Our Convictions
Of The Living Truth
Of The Gospel Of Jesus Christ
Bless Us With Physical
Emotional Endurance
The Spiritual Endurance
That Can Only Be Had Of The Holy Spirit!

Please Guard Us
Guide Us
Teach Us
Feed Us
Lead Us Safely
To The Glorious Kingdom
Of Your Eternal Light!
In The Name Of Jesus Christ The Righteous I Plead!
I Love You, Lord!