Thursday, July 21, 2016

SATAN ACCUSES & ABUSES: Self-Hurt Is Not A Part Of Our Faith!

They Are Singing:

Greater Is He That Is In Me
Than He That Is In The World!

And Yet ...

Several Of Their Children
Were Being Cripplingly Bullied
A Couple Of The Children
Had Exited The Earth With Prejudice
And ... Still
The Song Is:

Greater Is He That Is In Me ...!!

Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.  Hereby know we that we dwell in him, and he in us, because he hath given us of his Spirit.
1 John 4:4‭, ‬13

There Is Something Very Wrong Here
It Tells Us A Great Deal About
Our Christianity
Our Faith, Belief, Hope, Love, Living, Life And Trust!

  • What Are We Teaching Our Children About Him In Whom We Believe?
  • Why Are Our Children Not Believing What We Believe?
  • Why Are Our Children Not Receiving The Faith Of Belief?
  • What Is It That Our Children Truly Believe?
  • Whose Is The Voice That Our Children Are Hearing And Explicitly Trusting?

Job's Case Is The First One Documented Of
Bully Boy El Capitan Satan
In Inglorious Action
Plus ...
Some Friendly Fire!

And What Was Job's Response?

Elijah Was Bullied
Bothered By Wicked Queen Jezebel!

David Suffered At The Hand Of Saul
Steven Was Bullied By The Church!

Bullying Is A War Without Cause
Beating A Soul With A Belt Of Bear Claws
Cutting Deep
Deeply Exposing Flaws
As It Pushes One
Into The Fabricated Death Maw!

Bullying Is A Satanic Ploy
To Raise Up For Satan
A Dog For War
From A Soul Tortured
Who Then Curses

What God?!


There Is No God!

As He Believes The Lies
Of The Great Bold Fraud!

The Response To Bullying And Abuse
Is Plainly Written Down For Our Edification:

Elijah Ran!
He Asked God To Take His Life!
God Fed Him
Asked Him What He Was Doing
In The Unappointed Place
Showed Him God's Power
Spoke To Him In That Still Small Voice
Sent Him On A Mission
AND ... At The Appointed Time
After Elijah's Completion Of His Work For God
God Called For Him To Come Home
Sent His Personal Coach
To Carry Elijah
To God's House!

David Prayed
Praised God Always!
David Walked Away!
David Rode Out Of The Way!
David Moved Away!
David Did His Appointed Work
He Told His Abuser
About Said Abuser Doing The Devil's Work
In A Causeless Cause!

Stephen Was A Man Of Integrity
A Committed
Powerful Minister Of The Whole Gospel Of God!
He Taught His Accuser-Abusers
The Straight Word
They Murdered Him
Who Was Blessed Of God!

Look At The Outcomes For Those Who Abuse The People Of God:

1. Satan Has An Unchangeable Appointment With The Lake Of Fire And Brimstone
After He Spends 1,000 Years In Misery With No One To Abuse And In Contemplation Of His Rottenness And Evil Ways!

2. Job's Friends Were Personally Chastised By God
The Abused Job Had To Make Sacrifice To God
And Pray That They Be Saved Of God!

Job Was Vindicated!
Job Got Back All That He Had Lost
Was Raised To Greater Glory
Saw His Generations Come Forth
For Having Maintained His Integrity Before God!

3. David's Tormentor Saul 
After Having Repaired
To The Abominable Witch Of Endor - A Vessel Of Satan
Was Destroyed By His Own Hand
After Having Seen His Sons Die
And Having Himself Been Injured.

David Is - By God - Called The Man After God's Own Heart!
The Redeemer Of The World Is Out Of His Loins!

4. Elijah's Abuser Queen Jezebel
The Idolater Par Excellence
Was Cursed Of God
Came To A Gross End
Tossed By Her Own Servants
From A Height
To Be Eaten Of Wild Dogs.

Jezebel's Testament To The World Is In The Remains Of Her Body Found AFTER The Dogs Had Eaten Her:

  • Her Head - Symbol Of Her Gross Consuming Belief In Useless False Gods
  • Her Hands - Symbol Of Her Willingness To Do (Write) Evil Perjured Testimony
  • Her Feet - Symbol Of Her Willful Willingness To Walk Contrary To The Living God!

Elijah Didn't Ever Die aka Elijah Is Still Alive TODAY! Hallelujah!

5. Stephen's Accusers
Were Grieved In Their Spirits
At The Words Of Truth
Which Disclosed Their Thoughts
Spoke To Their Evil Actions!

Their Punishment Left Their House
- The Chosen Approved Church -
Unto Them ... DESOLATE!

Their Time Of Probation Was Over!
Thereafter, Judgement Began At The House Of God!

Almighty God Gifted Stephen
- In His Dying Agonies -
With A Vision Of The Throne Room Of God
And His Savior ... Standing Up ...
In Judgment Against The Accuser-Abusers!

Each Person Here
Was Raised To Glory
Through The Excellent Exercise Of Faith
Displaying To All
Their Total Belief 
In The Eternal Provision
Of The Everlasting Father
Who Provides Sweet Peace
For The Riven Soul!

Love Had A Home!
Hope Had Wings!
Prayer Had Passion
The Peace Of God
Dwelt Within!

I Dare To Ask:

Who Is Our God To Us In Our Battles
As The Text Says
The Spirit Of God Dwells Within Us Who Believe?

Do We Really Believe
Have Faith
Love God
Trust Ourselves To His Unerring Deliverance?

From My Own Personal Experience
I Will Tell You True
We Must Have The Gall
To Trust God All The Way
The Unfettered Faith
To Believe
That Our God Can Our Plight Relieve!

Put Another Way
We Must Anchor Our Faith
In The Rock Of Our Salvation
- Without Sight -
That With Our God
There Is No Night
Even Though Our Eyes Cannot See
Even Though Our Nerves Be E'er Frayed
We Must Not
- By The Holy Spirit's Leading -
Give In To Our Known Fears!

Before All

In All


After All

God IS All

So ...

Let The Accuser Be Damned


Live For The Almighty God!