Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Truth! For Real!

Oh, That Men Would Yell The Truth
That God Is Love
That Satan Is Wild And Loose
That Love Is From Heaven
That Hate Is From Hell
That Denying The Liar Through Jesus
Is The Truth That Satan's Lies Cannot Dispel!

Oh, That Men Would Tell The Truth
That Salvation Is Through Jesus
That We Need Jesus To Get To God
That Earthly Comfort Is Of The Holy Spirit
That The Good And Evil Dead Are Not Yet Receiving Their Just Rewards
That Jesus Christ Is Soon Coming
That Signs Of The Times Are Everywhere
That The Prophetic Clock Is Sincerely Ticking, Can't You Hear?
That Demonic Activity Is In Every Activity Sphere
That The Earth Is Not Giving Her Increase
That Fear Is Causing Hearts To Decease
That The Love Of Many Is A Thing Grown Cold
That Legislated Sin Is Putting Many In The Lost Fold
That Sinners  Are Licensed And Protected And Getting Really Bright
That Order Out Of Chaos Is The New Big Show!

Oh, That Men Would Yell The Truth
And Tell That Our Salvation Came Down
Our Redemption Went Up
And He Who Was Dead
Is Alive
And That Forevermore
Will Soon Finish His Intercessory Work 
In The Most Holy Place
In The Temple In Heaven
And That Probation For Man
Will Be Finished
When The King Of Love Shall Stand Up!
His High Priestly Robes Will Be Removed
The Garb Of The Conquering King Shall Be Donned
Mercy Shall Be Set Aside
With God Helping His Faithful Believers
Straight Up Justice
Will Start Her Punishing Ride!

Oh, That Men Would Accept The Truth!
God Loves Us!
His Love Is Original
Not A Reboot!
God Is All
To Us
For Us
The Only God True!
Call To Him Soft Loudly
He Is Here For You!
Anything Else
Is Not Biblical Truth!

Oh, That Men Would Praise The Lord!