Tuesday, July 12, 2016

There Is A Cross Through The "I" in PAIN!

All I Saw Was The Line
Which Said
"Pain Changes People!"
And Immediately
I Had To Write For I Could Relate!
Pain Has Been My Constant Companion
And,  At Times
It Appears That Pain And I Are On
An Acrimonious Date!

But ... I Digress!

Pain Changes People!
It Causes A Person To Do
One Of  Two Things:
Bow The Head In Supplication
Raise The Fist In God Condemnation
Holler And Curse At God
Hide Between The Sheets!

Oops! That Was Actually Four Things!

One Person Holds The "Pity Me" Party!
Another Person Chooses Abandonment Of The  Word Of Truth!
Or,  Like Me
One Chooses
Resignation With Praise
Saying With Faith-Full Confidence:
"God Does Not Own A Lounger Call Chaise!"

There Is Ignore The Facts Of The Matter!
There Is Face The Facts And Relax!
There Is Swallow Every Pill In Town and Run Around
Or, Like Me
Swallow The Scheduled Pill 
Turn To God For Succor!

There Is Put Pills With Alcohol
Spin The Bottle
Hope To Sod Off

OR ...

Like Me
- With Time -
Realize That In That Pain 
There Is A Testimony
In This A Period Of Time Out
Take The Time To Take Stock
Not Let Pain Be The Rabid Lion On The Loose
With God Sitting Like Scaredy Cat
Up On Your Crumbling Roof!

I Choose To Bow My Head!
I Choose To Talk To My God!
I Choose To Deny The Liar
That Ecumenical Fraud!
I Chose To Take The Medication Prescribed!
I Prayed!
I Even Cried
But ...
I Never Ever
The Living Holy God Denied!

In My Life With Pain
Is An Open Secret Called Truth
Of The Fact That
The Pain Was My Blessing For
The Alternative Was The Death Curse!

By God's Great Grace
Having Had The Decision Made For Me
I Am Thankful For The Life I Lead
For Otherwise
I Would Be Stone Cold Dead

Pain Says
Something Is Wrong!
Pain Says:
That Soul Can Barely Get Along!
Pain Says:
Go To Your Father
He Can Fix You
Make You Strong

Unless ...

Your Life Is To Be A Witness
That Grace Is Ever Sufficient
Show That 
God Is The Author
Of The Believing Child's
"I Trust God!" Love Song!

Pain Can Change
From A Problem
Into A Calamity
From Physical
To Emotional
To Spiritual
There Is No Time Called Devotional!

Pain Changes People
For Good Or For Ill!
Pain Changes People!
Like It Or Not
When In Pain
You Cannot Be Still!
Pain Changes People
Whether Or Not
They've Had Their Fill
The Creator
Is There For Our Help
If We Choose
Through Our Pain
To Be Constant In Faith
Ever Trust Him Still!

Pain Is A Posy
A Passion
A Prayer!
Pain Is Friend
It Holds Our Stare!
Pain Is
Can Be 
Benumbing -  It Is True
Downright Evil To Boot
It Is Up To Us To Decide
If Pain Is Going To Rob Us Also
Of Our Daily
Necessary Food!

I Choose To Trust The Lord
By Living Faith
Not Dying Eyesight!
I Choose To Bless The Lord
By Grace
Daily Fight!
I Choose To Believe
That Pain
Is The Price We Pay For Living
But ...
I Refuse To Give Pain
A Blind Red Cent
For His Joy-killing Act Of Shilling For The Devil!

Pain Is A Thief!
The Father Desires Our Relief!
Jesus Christ Is The God Police Chief!
The Holy Spirit Is The Elite Comfort Force
The Angels Minister Strength In The Bitter Discourse!

Pain Carried Me

  • Chased Me
  • Compelled Me To Get To
  • To Get Closer To
  • To Stick With
  • To Hang On For Dear Life

To My Jesus!

I Have Jesus For Joy
Pain Has No Authority
To Play Me Like A Puppy's Chew Toy!

My Pain IS My Blessing!
It Drove Me To Home
That Is Where I Intend To Stay
In The Arms Of My Jesus
Until The Closing Of My Day
Where The Song Sung
- After The Life Story -
Will Be

"This Soul Experienced A Life Of Pain
Still Gave Its God His Eternal Glory!"


Which Book
Is Ordering YOUR Reaction 
To THAT Pain?!

The Life In Christ Book

The Science Falsely So Called Book!?

The Song Writer Said:

"I've Got Confidence
God Is Going To See Me Through
No Matter What The Case May Be
That God Is Going To Fix It For Me!"


Embrace Jesus' Peace 
Even Though Enduring Earthly Pain Now
Enjoy Immortal Life 
In God's Eternal Paradise Later!


Joy In The Lord Now!
Enjoy Everlasting Joy In The Lord Later!


Let Us Consider Our Pain As Our Crucible
For The Refinement Of Our Character
To Be Made Fit To Become A Jewel
In The Coming King's Glorious Crown!


As Hard As It Is To Say
This Life Is Not About Me!

It Is About Uplifting Him 
Who Loves Me!!

I Get To Glory In Glory
God Gets The Prayers
The Praise!