Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A Morning Prayer

I Thank You For My Blessings,  Lord!
Before You, Consecrated,  I Bow!
I Lay My Labour And Pleasures At Your Feet
To Be Blessed 
Or Denied
As You In Wisdom Provide For My Comfort Sweet!

I Thank You For Spared Life
And For Daily Bread!
I Thank You That I Have Someplace Safe
Where I Can Lay My Head!
I Thank You, Lord
Assuredly For
The Blessing That Permits Me To Approach As My Lord!

I Thank You, Lord
For Eyes That Permit Me To See A New Day!
I Thank You, Lord
That I Can Bless You With My Prayers!
I Thank You For Life
And That The Life That Is Promised To Come
And Thank You For The Finished Work
That The Holy Christ Has Done!

I Own No Other Master,  Lord!
Uplift Me As I Deny The Fraud!
Let Me Walk Ever At Your Side
Let Love For You In My Humble Heart Abide
For You Are The Holy, Living, Loving, True And Eternal God
In Whom I Willingly This Day Confide!
I Love You, Lord!