Sunday, August 7, 2016

ASS Clubs + PRAYER: Lord, Please Save The Children!

Once Upon A Time
And In The Bible True
Donkey Was An Ass
That Could Carry
And Transport Me And You, Too!

Fast Forward To Today
When Any Everything Goes
In Pray And In Play
You Will Be No Shocked To See
A Pretty Ass At Play!

Kinda Inflammatory, Don't You Think?!

Not Really!


There Is A Movement Afoot
That If God Permits It
To Proceed As The Devil Plans
Will See Our Progeny
Being Taught Via The ASS Club Plan!
You Will Not Have A Cent To Pay
The Souls Of The Progeny
Will Be As Useful
As Threadbare And Torn Up Afghans!


What Ignorance You Talking?

I Kid You Not!
I Am Speaking What The Living Holy God Loves!
The Truth!

I Shall Endeavor To Explain!

The ASS Club Plan
As Devised By The Devil
Via The Satanic Temple*
Will Place The Program Squarely
In Government Education Land!

The ASS Club Plan 
Is Pure Genius
It Could Only Have Come From The Dark Prince
Who Ever Has A Way To Make Men
What He Pees And Calls Sweet Drinks!

The Plan For Our Children
To Blight Their Spiritual Prosperity
Is Called
After School Satan Club
As Said Before
'Tis Free!
Will Only Operate In Schools Where 
Good News Christian Clubs
Teach Jesus Christ 
To Raise Up The Light Of God
In The Children's Yearning-For-Truth Hearts!

ASS Club Plan Claims That ...

Plurality Is The Posture!
Competition For Christians Is The Ball
The Law Is On Their Side!
Their Desire Is To Point Away From The Not-God's Holiness
Follow The First And Eternal Rebel
Even Though They Also Say
Conversion Is Not The Call!

Volunteers Are Lining Up!
The Club Will Mimic
The Club Called Boy Scouts!
It Is Made To Appear Innocuous
Will Render The Unwary

If We Do Not See The Writing
The Writing Upon The Wall
The Writing That Says To 
Listeners Viewers All That:

We Are Being Numbered!
We Are Being In The Balances Weighed!
Our Kingdom Is Being Set Up To Be Finished!

We Will Have Wittingly Written
The Tune: "Dance All!"
Celebrating Our Own Handmade


Father, How Will You Forgive Them
When They Know What They Are Doing
Willingly Seeking To Destroy The Lambs
So That They Will Be Stew
For That Roaring Rough-Goat Ram?!

Lord, I Pray For The Children
The Untutored
The Weak
The Followers, Father
Who Are Simply Seeking 
Popularity Sweet!

I Beseech You, Dear Father
Please Make For The Set-Up-To-Be-Lost Lambs
A Clear Way
So That The Malicious Purveyors Of
The After School Satan Club
Will Not Have An Opportunity To Say:

We Have Beaten That Sky God!
We Made Him Look Away
When He Was Nicely Distracted
We Took His Precious Lambs Aways!

You, Lord
Are God Almighty!
You Hallow Our Way!
You Are The God Of Creation!
You Did Not Make Us
To Walk The Sinful Way!
Forgive Those Who Call Upon You!
Have Mercy On Those
Whom From You
Turn Away
In The Day Of Discovery
Let Jesus Christ's Believers 
The Faithful
The True
The Claimer's Of The Blooded Promise From You
Wing Their Way To The Eternal City
To Live
In Glorious Peace
With Holy You!

Make Your Way Plain
Before Our Faces, Lord
For We Do Love And Reverence You!