Monday, August 15, 2016

God Is My Shepherd!

I Desire To See Him
For Me
Gave His Life!

I Desire To Live With Him
Who Ended
The Conflict
Between Death And Life!

I Desire To Walk Holy!
I Desire To Sing The Glad Refrain:

Blessing And Glory
Thanksgiving And Honor
Unto The Holy Name!

Lord, I Love You!
I Have Chosen To Walk Your Way!
It's Too Late To Turn Back
I Refuse To Know There's Such A Way!

I Have In My Hand
The Blood-Soaked 
Heaven-Is-Home Ticket
I Am Glad To Confess
I Can't Afford The Turn-Back Fare!

Dear God, You Are My Shepherd
You Lovingly Guide Me Along The Way
Because Of This Treasured Blessing
Satan And His Machinations
I Will Not Fear!