Friday, August 5, 2016


Help Me To Keep Shelter
For The Holy Spirit
In My Heart
Even As I Am Sheltered
Under The Umbrella Of Your Everlasting Arms!

Lord, I Know And Am Glad
That I Am Sheltered
Under Wings
Of Him Whom I Cannot See
I Am Happy Following Him
Who Carries Me Lovingly!

Lord, I Am Thankful
That I Answered Your Call To Salvation
To Know That I Can Confidently Walk Into The Unknown
Because I Am Protected By Your Holy Angels
Whose Names I Can Not Nor Need To Know!

Lord, I Feel Truly Blessed
To Know That Through The Comfort
And Direction And Leading Of The Holy Spirit
That I Am Walking Toward A City
Not Build With Human Hands
And For Which There Is No Map
That Man's GPS Can The Direction Show!

Lord, I Am Happy With You
The Very God Who
Blesses And Keeps Me
Day After Day!
The Illuminated World Laughs At Me
When I Speak Of You Whom I Can Not See
But Praise Jesus
I Am Not Swayed!

Father, I Love You
And By Your Grace
And With Your Always Available Mercy
I Am - And Shall Continue - Singing Joyfully
As To The Holy City
I Confidently Go
Trusting In The Eternal Promise
For I Am Blessed And Lovingly Sheltered
In Your Everlasting Arms!

Thank You, Lord
For The Grace
For The Daily Provisions
And The Blessings Of Peace And Rest
And Healing!