Thursday, August 11, 2016

PRAYER: What I Desire Of Almighty God

I Desire Of You, Dear Father
Shoes With Soles
Suited To The Terrain
On The Narrow Road!

Grant Me, Father
A Suit Of Clothing
Manufactured Of Your Holy Hand
Which Will
In The Fullness Of Time
Grant Me Entrance
Into The Holy Land!

Grant Me,  Lord
Out Of Heaven's Stores
Providing Healing For Weary Eyes
Longing For True Sight To Be Restored!

Grant Me Funds,  Father
Finance For My Travels Through Life
And Along The Lonely Road
Coins Of Your Mintage
Tried And Tested Pure Gold!

Grant Me,  Lord
That New Heart
Promised In Your Word
For With The Spirit's Leading
I Will To My Old Heart
Be As The Dead!

And,  Lord
In All Of My Asking
And All Of Your Willing Giving
Give Me Hands That For You Work
And Wisdom
And Understanding
Hope For The Grand Tomorrow
Grace For Weary Today
Love For My Jesus
Willingness To Obey
Joy In The Presence
Fidelity So That I Will Not From You Stray
Oh, And By The Way, Father
Keep Satan Out Of My Way
If He Is There As A Challenge For My Growth
Help Me,  Lord, To In Living Faith Say:

The Holy Book Says That 
You Are A Liar
And A Murderer, Too!
Get Thee Behind Me
Foul Fiend
My Lord, The Christ - Jesus 
Has Already For Me Conquered You!

Just As My Jesus Has About Himself To You Stated
You Have No Part In Me
There Is A Prepared Place In Holy Heaven For Me
And Sadly
Nary A One ForYou!

As For Me
I Hallow
Trust And Hope In My Jesus
I Heed The Spirit-Inspired Living Word!
I've Entry Into The Holy City You Gave Up
And I Choose To Walk With The Living Holy God
And Not Lying Deceitful
Unholy You!

Get Thee Hence, Satan!
My God Is Living - Not Dead!
Jesus Christ Is Alive
Because Of His Spilt Blood
I Am By The Father
Mercifully And Diligently
Daily Fed!

And, Father
Lest I Should Upon Occasion Forget
Please Remind Me, Dear Lord
That I Have Given My Self
And My Way
Over To You
So That You Will 
Continue To Lead Me
Ever On The Straight And Narrow Way!

I Love You Lord!