Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Quest And The Cross

I Came To The Realization One Day
That I Was Paying For Things By Weight
Which Had Not On The Cross Of Christ Been Weighed!

I Was Carrying A Great Load On My Chest
In Retrospect
I Know The Holy God Had Not Blessed!

I Had Assumed
Adult Meant Prepared For Life!

I Had Assumed
Christian Meant
Prepared For Life's Strife!

I Had Assumed
God Would Be Available Always
When To The Land Of Presumption
I Did Gleefully Flee!

I Had Assumed
In Sin - No Sorrow -
That The God Of The Ages
Would Ever Protect Me
I Would Know No Horrors!

I Had Ventured On Quests
Never Asking God 
What Was His Behest!

I Had Walked Pleasurably
On Dark Roads
Controlled By The Fraud!

I Had Accepted No Chastisement
Who Would Dare Say God Wasn't Blessing Me
When I Was Loved
By All In A Faithless Community!

Sadly ...

Even In The Household Of Faith
The Faithful Were Faithless!
Their Witness Was Worthless!
The Baleful Were Cash Less!
The Sorrowful Indulged In Maliciousness
All Said:

You Are Wonderful!
You Are By God Blessed!

My Quest For Corporeal Elevation
Withdrew From Me Heaven's Rest
It Opened My Heart To Reveal That
I Was Anchor-less!
I Showed Unto Me
That My Godly Life Was Christ-less
Showed Me
How It Showed
That I Had Sins Needing To Be Confessed!

A Life With Christ
Consists Not Of "Yes!"
A Life Of Sin Consists Not Of Rest!
A Life On The Lam
Endears No One To A Life Of Calm
It Was Then That I Knew 
I Didn't Know
The Son Of Man!

I Had Borne Burdens!
I Had Carried Crosses Not A Few!
I Had Tilted At Dragons
Had No Sword To Run Them Through
Until The Day Of Decision
When The Master Plain Asked Me:

Why Are Paying Your Self For Things
When I Already Paid For All Things For Thee?

I Stopped!
I Listened!
I Cried!
I Turned
From The Devil
From The Life 
With The Burn!

I Accepted The Offering
Made To Save Me
That My Quest
Without Christ's Cross
Translated Into
A Soul Not Anchored
A Soul Sure
In The Storm

In Receipt Of Wisdom's Understanding ...

I Tossed Away Satan As Boss
Cut Out The Useless
The Fluffy
Set Aside The Unnecessary Costs
Rid My Heart Of The Cold Heart Frosts!

And, Now, Praise God ...

By Faith
I Know That
With Jesus Christ Daily Borne Aloft
With Patient Endurance
The Holy Spirit's Abiding
I Will Not 
I Cannot 
Suffer Eternal Loss!

No Cross! No Crown!