Friday, September 23, 2016

HAPPY SABBATH + PRAYER: I'd Rather Be A Plant ...!

I'd Rather Be A Plant
In The Garden Of God
Than To Be A Dried Flower
In The Great Temples Of Man Flawed!
I Rather Be Pruned
By The Hand Of The Living God Of Love
Than To Be Polished
By The Hand Of The Devil In Brilliant White Gloves!

Pity Us, Father
Who Run To Earthly Prosperity!
Pity Us, Father
Who Believe That
Running Wild Is Freedom
From Jesus Christ's Loving Captivity!
Have Mercy On Us
Who To The Wilderness Run
Seeking The Lightness
Of Christ's Holy Face So Divine For A Moment Of Fun!

Lord, Pity Us
Who Will Not Your Preserved Word Read
Preferring Copyrighted Bibles
That Cater To Man's Every Lust-Confirming Felt Need!
Help Us, Dear Lord
To Set Aside Self
Seek After Almighty God
Who Offers Us Eternal Life
As A Heavenly Reward!

Lord, Help Us To Keep Our Eyes Free
Of Motes And Beams!
Keep Our Hands Out Of Sin
Render Them Upright And Clean!
Please Keep Us Living Right
So That Our Feet Don't Run To Mischief Today
Keep Our Hearts Willing
To Do Whatever You Say!

Please Keep Our Ears Open
Ever Able To Hear The Spirit's Call!
Keep Our Minds Sheltered
So That We Won't For
The Rhetoric Of Satan Dressed As Man Fall
Please Help Us To Hold Up
The Shield Of Christ's Faith
So That The Fiery Darts Of The Devil
Won't Find On Our Weak Bodies
An Available Dwelling Place!

Lord, Please Help Us
In You
Without Worldly Fear To Stand
For We Desire 
By Your Grace
To Be Borne Away To Glory Land
By The Happy Angel Band!

Oh, Lord, Let All Be Well ... With Our Souls
In Jesus' Holy Name
For We Do Love You!
Thank You For Hearing And Answering Our Prayers!