Thursday, September 8, 2016

Jesus Is My Lord! + PRAYER: Lord Bless Me

Jesus Is The Lord
Of Truth Love
Light And Blessing!
I Rely On Him
And Go To Him 
My Sin Confessing And Repenting!
I Tell Him All
About What Made Me Fall
His Promised Forgiveness
Makes Him My Sin Not To Recall!

Jesus Is My Master
Healer Sealer
Savior Friend!
I Know
With A Full Heart
That On Him I Can Depend!
I Don't Have Worry
When I Can't 
His Hand Or Face See
His Word Of Promise Says To Me That
He's Always Watching Over Me!

Jesus Is My Lord
My God
To My Life's End!
I Believe The Word He Gave To Me
That He Is Coming To Earth Again!
I Believe His Promise
That He Will Take Me
With All Believers
To His Unfathomably Glorious Home
And There I Shall Have Companionship
With Holy Angels
Where Sin Can Never Again Roam!

Jesus Is My Beginning
My Middle
My End!
He Reigns In Highest Heaven
And He Calls Me Brethren
I Walk In His Footsteps
I Face The Battles Over Sin
That He Faced
By The Grace Of The Father
In Jesus' Name
I Look Forward To Seeing Plainly
My Beloved Lord's
Beautiful Face!


Grant Me Strength 
To Stand Against The Devil's Wiles!

Grant Me The Strength
To Fight In The Battle Until The Day I Die!

Grant Me The Diligence
To Ever Seek Your Face
And Bless Me, Loving Father
To Win
The Overcomer's  Race!

I Love You, Lord
So Bless Me 
So That I May Behold
Grand Heaven's Table Land
As A Lovingly-Shepherded Sheep
Within Your Sure And Secure Fold!