Sunday, September 4, 2016

PRAYER Of A Contrite Heart

I Offer You My Heart, Lord
So That You Will Save My Soul!
I Give To You My Love,  Lord
For Holy Heaven Is My Goal!
Teach Me More To Love You!
Teach Me To Walk The Right Way!
Teach Me So That I May Bless Others
Honor You
In All My Ways
For All My Days!

Father, You Are My Father!
You Prove That Every Blessed Day!
You Provide The Best Blessings
For Which I Uttered No Prayers!
You Ever Give
Even Though I'm Oft' Critical And Ungrateful
Even Though I Thank Man
And Leave Thanks To You Blank!
You Give, Lord
And For That I'm Grateful
Grateful That Receipt Of Your Blessings
Is Not Dependent
On My Saying Unto You:
Father! I Give You Praise And Thanks!

Forgive Me, My Beloved Father!
Forgive My Presumptuous Ways!
Forgive My Callous Behavior!
Forgive My Lack Of Diligence
In Offering You Prayers And Praise!
Forgive My Shallow Exercise
Of Faith And Accompanying Belief
Accept Of Me Today, Father
A Contrite Heart Ready
Willing And Able
To Hallow Your Name
By Grace
Tomorrow And Always!
I Love You, Lord!