Saturday, September 24, 2016


There Were Two Gifts
Two Offers On The Table!
One Was From Good-Time Charlie!
The Second One Was From The Lord!
One Was Gaily Wrapped And Glittering
The Other Was Wrapped In White
With A Blood Red Cord!

Just Like A Child
I Gleefully Rubbed Together My Hands
Ready Willing And Able
To Take The Gifts In My Hot Little Hands
I Heard A Calm Voice

You Cannot Possess Both Gifts!
You Have To Choose One, Today!

Not Fair!  I Cried.
How Will I Know Which Gift Is The Best?
I Don't Know What Is Inside!
I Don't Know Who Sent Me Which Gift!
Are There Any Gift Cards!?
Lord God Almighty!
Father, Please Help Me To Decide!

Dear Child,
I Love You
So I Will Tell You True
The White Box Tied With Red Cord
Is My Beloved Son's Gift
From Me To You!

It Is Filled With Sacrifice
Work For The Master
Infinite Grace
Free Mercy
And Lamp Light, Too!

There Is Forsaking The World
There Is Forsaken By Friends And Family
There Is The Call To Repentance
There Is The Need For Confession Of Sin
There Is The Blessing Of Forgiveness
And Directions For The Narrow Way Walking!

There Is Peace That Passes Understanding
And Peace In The Valley, Too
And Grace For The Day
And The Protection Of The Holy Angel's For You!

There Is Work Until Jesus Comes
And Christian Persecution On Tap
And There Is The Comfort Of The Holy Spirit
To Help You At The World Not To Look Back!

There Is Grow Where You Are Planted
There Is Journey To Mission Fields
There Is Read Your Bible Daily
And Praying In The Moment 
And Praying Continually
Even If You Can't Bend Your Knees!

But ... Father!

Yes,  Beloved?

What's In The Pretty Box?
I Feel So Excited!
Hmmm ...
Is It Me
Is The Pretty Box Tick Tock Ticking?!

Yes, Child!
That Box
Gaily Wrapped And Shiny
Has A Time-Stamping Clock
Only Offers You Temporary Things
The White Box From My Family
Offers You Heavenly
And Everlasting Things!

But ... Father ...!
Everything In That White Box
ALL Sounds Like Work!
Where Is The Recreation?
Where Is The Reward For All The Hard Work?!

Dearest Child,
We All Must Work
And Work Until It Is Time
For My Beloved Son's Glory To Shine!

If You Will Accept The  White Box
And All That It Entails
You Have My Promise
Of My Self
That Your Reward Shall Be Great!

You Shall Have
A New Life
A White Linen Robe
And Immortality!
You Shall Wear A Gold Crown
And Have New Name
And A Mansion Of Gold
And Wings To Go Flying
Innumerable Worlds To Behold!
You Shall Drink Of The Water Of Life
And Shall Hear
The Commendation:

Well Done!
Welcome Home!
Enter Into Eternal Life!

And You Shall Have All Time
Through Ceaseless Ages
To Learn Of My Son
And Of The Red Cord
That Is My Son's Blood
To Regain You My Favor
So That If You Live Or If You Die
When He Calls Your Name
You Will Rise Upward
And With Him
And The Holy Angels
And All The  Overcoming Brethren
To The Heavenly Home


Yes, Father!

That Package That Has Placed
That Glint In Your Eyes
Is Filled With A Lot Of
Negotiable Instruments
The Getting Of Which Means
You Must My Only Begotten Son Deny!

Within That Pretty Box
There Is
Do What Thou Wilt!
Feed Thou Thy Greed!
Take What You Want And Pay For It With Seed!
I Am Like God!
I Have Far To Go -
Give Me High Life!
I Have Got Speed!

Therein Also Are
Luxuries Innumerable
Give Account Only To One's Self
Pass The Buck
Build Idols For Your Own Shelf!

There Is
No Self Restrain
There Is Self Satisfaction On Demand
By Command
And There Is Self Made
And Self Worship
And Gross Denial Of The Son Of Man!

You Will Write Your Own Ticket
There Will Be Hell
Heaven To Pay
That Pretty Box
Contains A Contract With The Very Devil
Who Giveth Death
And Life Taketh Away!

Be Not Deceived
By A Few And Fleeting Seeming Blessings!
Those Are Blessings Of The Transient Form
Leading To The Soul's Alarm
Placing You Squarely
In The Path Leading To Eternal Harm!

I Beseech You, My Beloved
Accept What My Son Here Offers
For Within
Is Full Disclosure
True Work
True Rewards
For A Righteous Life Now
Eternal Life Hereafter!

Hear Me, Beloved!
Hear What My Heart Says:


Yes, My Child?

I Have Made My Decision!
I Will Take The White Box
The Love
That Leads The Way
To Eternal Living!

And The Lord Said: