Thursday, September 15, 2016

Wrong Is Wrong Is Right + PRAYER : Lord, Keep Your Promise

We Have Rights
To Do Many Wrongs!
We Have Rights
That Make God Frown!
We Have Rights
So The Wicked Leaders Now Say
To Sit Down To Eat
To Rise Up To Play!

It Is Put Forth
By Those In Long Sleeves
That Lying Down With Dogs
Does Not Give A Person Fleas
That Worshiping The Sun
The Moon And The Stars
Is All Good And All Right
For The God-given Soul
A Perfect Delight!

One May Kill Granny
One Can Kill Gramps, Too
One Can Kill Baby
One Can Kill One's Own Self, True
Killing A Career
Is A Murder Profound
Failing At Self Promotion
Can Get One Run Out Of Town!

One May Praise Satan
One Must Pillory Almighty God!
One May Proselytize For The Devil
One Cannot Proselytize For The Creator God!

One Is Apparently Free 
To Chop Off The Head Of A Christian
One Is Frowned Upon
For Killing A Roach
Singing A Song Of Zion
Will Get One Free Transport To The Lockdown Hotel - No Joke!


Dear Lord,
Have Mercy On Us
For Worshiping You
Is Set To Cost Your People In Some Countries
A Fee!

Good Is Now Stated Evil!
Evil Is Called Good!
Sweet Is Now Bitter
Dark Is Now Where Light Stood!
True Worship Is Worthless
And Defilement Is Become A Free-To-All-Comers Delicacy
It Is Stated That If I Give You The Finger 
It Would Make Me A Good Buddy!

Truth Is In The Street Fallen
And Justice Has Removed
The Blinders Off Her Eyes!
Mercy Is A Meddler!
Liberty Of Conscience Is Denied
And Liberty To Worship The God Of Our Fathers 
Is Maliciously Being Denied!

We Are Free To Do Wrong
But Wrong To Do Right!
Have Mercy On This Fallen Race
For We Are Living In A State Of Disgrace!

I Choose Your Love
Your Light In Your Word
I Choose Bodily Destruction Before Dishonoring My Lord!
I Know I Already Have An Immortal Body Waiting
In The Kingdom Of Light
So,  Father
Keep Your Promise
And Let My Faith Become Sight!
I Love You, Lord!