Tuesday, October 4, 2016

COMPROMISE : Come Promise Me ...!

Darkness Covers The Earth
And Gross Darkness
Covers The People With Despair
There Is Compromise
Between Christianity And Paganism
Oppression Is Everywhere!

The Word Of The Lord
Is Quite Simple:

Don't Do!
Walk Holy!
Trust Me!
Believe Not Satan's Lies


"Going Along To Get Along!"

Is Causing God's People
To Practice Artful Compromise
Using Bridge-building Lies!

If Truth Plus Error Is Error
Error Plus Truth Is Error
How In The Name Of The God 
Upon Heaven's Throne
Can Three-Quarter Truth 
Whole White Lie
Plus Wittingly Doth The Living God Defy
When We Die We To Bright Heaven Fly?!

Why Is It
That When Lie Wants To Masquerade As Truth
That It Speaks Like An Educated Horse With A Rotten Tooth
Whistling Dixie In The Air
While Explaining That
The Documentary Proofs For God's Light Is Unclear
Produces A Lost Found Re-Discovered Document
Same But Different
From Under
Grandfather's Aunt's
Broken Fixed Mashed Up
Technicolor White Rocking Chair?!

Come Promise Me
Is The Initiator-Compromiser's Best Rule
For It Is Outfitted
With An Almost Great Gift
For Its Jewel
When The Non-Negotiation  Is All Done
It Will Too Late Be Found
That The Instigator
Has Unfailingly Gained
All The Good Solid Ground!

Lucifer-Satan Beelzebub Belial Devil Dragon
The Son Of Perdition
The Opposer Of God
Dread Befouler Of Man
The Lord Of Destruction
Is The Compromiser's Spray Can!
Be It Targeted Spray
Or Wide-Angle Discharge
Mess Is The Medium
Denial Of Service To God
Is Ever The Good Reason!

So ...

Listen Well, I Tell You
Listen Well And Understand
Take A Stand For Jesus
Stand Firm
Even If The Heavens Fall!
For Even Though Satan Hates You
The Hosts Of Heaven Will
Joyously Applaud 
Support You!

Let Jesus' Faith
Make For You A Firm Foundation
Upon Which
- Though Trembling -
You Will Unmovable
Firmly Stand!