Friday, October 14, 2016


God Gave Unto Man
Two Gardens
Two Gardens Which Ended Up Bearing 
But Bearing Opposite Fruit!
One Was The Garden Of Obedience
The Other The Garden Of Disobedience!

That Is A Stupid Statement To Make!

Hold Your Horses
And I Will My Case Make!

Neither Garden Started Out With Those Names!
Neither Garden Knew Of Their Eternal Fame!
Was Impacted By A Man!
Each Man
With A Choice
An Outstretched Hand!

In The Beginning
The Creator God
Created A Garden Eastward In Eden
Called The Garden Of God
In Which He Placed
A Perfect Tender Called Man
Gave Him The Prohibition:

See That Fruit Tree In The Garden's Midst?
It Is To Your Soul Deadly!
Don't Stretch Out Your Hand!

Time Passed
And At The Marker Of The Days
When The Creator God
Would Show Men
How Not To Become Sin's Slaves
There Was The Garden
Gethsemane Called
Where The Originator Of Sin
Taunted The Christ
With The Enormity Of The Sin Of
The Men Of The Fall
Sin Moving As Marauding Lice
That Worthy One
On A Mission From The Father God
In The Agony Of His Sinless Soul

Father,  Must I Drink The Full Of This Bowl?

And Then 
Honoring His Father
By Holy Faith
With Humility
In Graceful Obedience
To His Father
Added Softly Steadily And Firmly:

Not My Will, Father
But Thy Will To Me!
By My Obedience, Father
I Shall Return The Lost Children To Thee!

In Eden
Satan Preyed
The Prohibition
Adam Quickly Disobeyed!

In Gethsemane
Satan Preyed
Jesus Christ Prayed
The Holy Commission Obeyed!

In Eden
One Counted Not The Costs
Caused Enormous Loss!

In Gethsemane
One Counted His Costs
Decided That God's Creation Was Worth The Cost
To Have The Chance Not To Be Eternally Lost!

One Garden Began With Life
Brought Forth Death!

One Garden Caused
The Contemplation Of Death
Bought Life!

It Is Now
Every Man
Must Make His Choice!
Eden Or Gethsemane?
Disobey Or Obey?
Hear The Voice!
BUT ... 
Which Voice?!
What Choice?!

Each Man Has Will!
Each Man Has Way!
Each Man Has Decision
On How His Life He Will Play!

God Says To Man:

The Way To Life
Is Written Plainly In Stone!
Choose The Blessing!
Choose The Cursing!
The Decision Is All Your Own
But Know
That In The Day Of Strife
There Is No Reversing!
Do Not Stake Your Life
On A Future Repentance!
Tomorrow Is Not Yours!
Today Is Acceptable
For This Moment Is Definitely Yours!

If Ye Love  Me
Keep My Commandments!

To Walk Right
Keep Me Ever In Your Sight!

Tomorrow Is Not Promised Today
Eternity Is Yours
If You Shall Walk By Faith
In Obedience
Do As I Say!

I Take It Back!
What You Have Said Is True!
The Gardens Of Decision
Are There For Me And For You
And By God's Grace
I Am Daily Walking
In The Garden Of Obedience!