Thursday, October 20, 2016

JESUS SAVES : Spread The Good News!

Telling Someone The Truth 
In Love 
Is Neither Bigoted 
Nor Unkind.

My Life Had Been Offensive To Jesus
I Responded To The Call Of Grace
In Response To The Receiving Of God's Free Grace
My Heart Became Full
God Sent Me Out To Proclaim
His Mercy To Others
Telling Them That Repentance
Brings God's Forgiveness Full
Renders The Gross Sin Culled!

I Who Had Received
Of The Blessing Of Grace
Could Not Keep The Good News To My Self
Like One Going On A Mission For Jesus Christ
I Started Telling Everybody
That Trusting In Christ
Brings A Person
A Blessed And Brand New Safe Life
But Not Experiencing
The Active Sinner's Life's Strife!

I Have Heaven To Gain
Desire Others To Know The Truth!
I Have A Golden Crown To Look Forward To
Want Others To Look Forward
To Wearing Golden Crowns, Too!
I Have A Story To Tell
To Enlighten The Dark World
Saying To All Wanderers:

Life Is Safe In The Eternal God's Fold -
Come And Walk In Truth With Me!
Come In Out Of The Cold
And Trust Jesus
And Tell Satan 
With Confidence Fierce Bold
'Get Thee Hence!
Living For Jesus
Is Now My Soul's Sole Goal!
I Am Officially Off Of 
The Double-Minded Man's Rotting Fence!'

In Christ
Truth Needs No Good Memory!
In Christ
Desire For Heaven
Renders Earthly Desire
To Be As Pestilential Lice!!
In Jesus
All Hope Is In Honoring The Lord!
In Jesus
The Savior
His Life In Us Visible
Is Down Payment
For The Coming 
Joyous Reward!

The Blessings I Received From Jesus
I Share To Make Others
As Happy As Me
I Want To Hear From My Master:

Welcome Home, Beloved!
You Are Living With Me 
From Henceforth
And For Eternity!

I No Longer Run Wild With Satan!
I Now Work Willingly For My Lord!
I Walk Safely With My God
For We Agree
Walk Together
In True And Blissful Accord
The Love Of Jesus Christ
Constrains My Actions
Totally Satisfies
Blesses Me
With Clear And Heavenly Light!

Please ... Come Share My Joy!

Bless A Brother
Bless A Sister
With The Holy Gospel Of Truth
Be Wholly Blessed
Of The Eternal God!