Saturday, October 15, 2016

Of Men Who Accept God's Praise And Worship + PRAYER: Father, Call The Wanderers

Every Time I Hear
A Human Being Likened Unto Divinity
And Actually Being Called Divine
It Makes My Skin Crawl!

Yeah! Remember King Herod Agrippa?!
He Who Knew The Holy God Broke The First Commandment!

Who Can Forget That Wretchedly Evil Man?!
A Gorgeous Royal Robe!
A Fancy Speech!
And The Lying Accolades Of The Deceitful People Saying:

It Is The Voice Of A God, And Not Of A Man!

And Then ...

The Exceedingly Foolish King
Accepting The Glory And The Honor
That Rightly Belongs To
The Living
Only Holy God
As If It Was His Due!

So What Happened To The King!

The Angel Of The Lord Struck Him Down
In That Day
He Had Filled Up His Cup
And The Wrath Of God
Was Swift
To Forever Shut Him Up!!

Must Have Been Terrible!

You're Right! Worms Ate Him!
And He Died A Truly Horrible Death!

People Don't Learn Too Well, Do They?!

No, We Don't! Mistakes Are Set On A Loop!


Make A Mistake!
Pay For Said Mistake!
Learn Nothing From The Experience!
Make The Same Mistake Again

That's Stupid!

Stupid BUT True, Nonetheless!


Lord, Have Mercy Upon Us!
We Are Oft Foolish
And Seem Not To Care
That Unwise Ways Bring Nothing But Disaster
And Permits Satan To Rejoice In Our Ear!

Pity, Dear Lord
Those Amongst Us
Who Have Not Been Taught
The First Commandment Clear
That We Must Not Have Any Gods Before You
Not Even Pretend Ones
Which Cannot Even Move Their Hands And Heads
Nor Hear A Plaintive Voice
Crying In Distress In Their Stopped Up Ears
Manufactured By The Hands Of Men Unwise!

You Are The God Holy!
You Are The God True!
You Are The God Of Blessings!
You Give Good Gifts Unto Us
In Love And Thankfulness
We Honor And Obey 
With Whole Hearts
Bow In Glad Worship
Before You!

Forgive Us Our Trespasses!
Turn Us Away From Vile Practices Today!
Teach Us Your Ways!
Help Us Walk In Your Way Clear
And Also Help Us To Be Faithful
For You Have Given Unto Us 
The Spirit That Knows Not Fear!

Many Are The Children
Who Know Not Your Name!
Many Are The People Who Live In Gross Shame!
Jesus Christ Died For Them All
So That Makes Them Worthy To Bless
So Call Them, Dear Father
Call The Wanderers Home
Using Us Who Are Faithful To Them Bless
And By Your Holy Spirit
Turn Their Hearts From Stone
Into Flesh!

Let Jesus Christ Be Royally Praised 
Forever And Always
For It Is In His Name That We Stand, And Plead!