Monday, October 3, 2016

PRAYER : Dear Lord, Help Me To Accept ...!

Heavenly Father, Precious Lord
I Come Before You
As A Child Thankful For Your Grace
Seeking After The Measure Of Faith
And Not 
Earthly Rewards And Awards!

Help Me To Accept 
That Without You I Am Weak
So That I By Faith May Glory
In Your Perfect Strength!

Help Me Not To Get Puffed Up
While Glorying In Your Grace
Absent Your Presence
I Am Truly Weak 
When The Wicked One
I By Myself Face!

Help Me To Recognise The Truth
In The Fact That Until You Called Me
I Could Not Your Throne Approach!

Help Me To Understand And Accept
The Truth
That Until I Answered Your Call
I Couldn't Hold The Eternal Hand
So That I Will Never Seek To Join
The Man-Is-God Band!

Help Me To Walk Worthy
Of Your Salvation 
By The Merits In Jesus' Name
And Help Me, Dear Father
That Glorious Name Never Again To Profane!

I Love You, Dear Lord!
Have Mercy And Bless
For In Jesus Christ's Name
I Humbly Plead!